Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

There are some people who regularly bring sparkle to an otherwise ordinary day. Alison Wells is one of those lovely people, and she brought a smile to my face earlier this week when she included me in her list of people to receive a Beautiful Blogger Award.
You can find out more about Alison on her inspiring and thought provoking blog Head Above Water.

As the details of the award specify, I am now meant to write 7 facts about myself and nominate 7 other blogs for the award. Here goes:

Seven Random Facts About Me:

1. I am not related to the artist Tracey Emin, but if I had a pound for every time I have been asked if we are related, I would have my own private jet by now. The most bizarre question was early one morning when a man who I did not know called me. It was, in fact, a legitimate call from a company, but the first thing he said to me was, "Do you like messy beds then?" In my half-awake state, I thought I had a pervert on the line. My pause must have made him think as, just as I was about the find a horn to blast down the phone, he mentioned Tracey. I have, however, received a personal message from Tracey Emin after I put a "comedy" auction up on Ebay of my 18 month old (at the time) daughters' painting. This auction received a lot of viewings and pleasant comments, but I had a direct e-mail from Tracey Emin's office, saying that she had been searching for auctions of her own work and come across this one, and that she thought it was great that my daughter was being encouraged to paint at such a young age.

2. I am a kind of murky green, meaning that I do think of the environment a lot, but I admit that I fail to be eco-friendly in many ways. I have a degree in Human Environmental Science, which I chose because of my interest in science and the Environment. Despite having 3 children, I have never even considered reusable nappies, even though I helped with research on the effects of nappies in landfill as part of a summer job. I'm also ashamed to admit we are a two car family. However, I always recycle, and loath putting anything in the landfill bin. If I can't sell something on Ebay, I will Freecycle it, give it to a charity shop, or take it to the recycling centre.

3. I have met many of my closest friends via the Internet. Before I had even been on the Internet, I met my husband via our University e-mail system and later on via e-mail. But that's another story altogether.

4. I love animals and I am a pescatarian, although I only eat a limited range of fish. I was a full vegetarian for a couple of years but then decided to add some salmon and tuna into my diet for nutritional reasons. However I only ever buy dolphin friendly tuna and wild salmon. My children are blissfully unaware of this, as I always cook meat for the rest of my family, although I will only buy free range meat or eggs. If they ask me any questions on a day when I have an alternative, I just say that I fancied chunky vegetables in my sauce and was sparing them that horror!

5. I am shy in a group, and have very low confidence in myself. I have found blogging and gathering comments on my writing has boosted my confidence no end.

6. I am almost at the point of having a first draft of a novel ready. I suspect it is fear of rejection that is holding me back from stamping on with this, but I am building up to that and hope to be approaching agents before the end of 2010.

7. I would do *anything* for my three children and my step-daughter.

Now I am meant to nominate 7 blogs which deserve to receive this award. However, I have decided to just include a list of some of my favourite ladies, and I hope that the people below will know that they obviously don't have to do a post if they have already (or for any other reason).

Catherine Ryan Howard: Catherine, Caffeinated
Claire Allan: Diary of a Mad Mammy
Cynthia Schuerr: The Heart of Writing
Glynis Smy: Author Blog: Glynis Smy
Jane Travers:  Jane Obsessed with Jane
Kate Boardman: Coffee With Kate
Kathryn Eastman: The Nut Press
Keris Stainton: Keris Stainton
Maria Duffy: Writenowmom's Blog
Sarah Franklin:  Never Goes Without Saying
Vicki Jeffels: Vegemitevix


  1. Awww thanks so much Rebecca that's lovely!! I'm honoured to be part of such an exclusive list. You will get your book to market. I just know you will. xx

  2. Thanks so much, Rebecca! Honoured. :)

    I heard a great thing about writing your first novel at Inkwell's Women's Fiction weekend. I think it was Sinead Moriarty (best-selling author) who said something like don't rush to finish your first book, because it's (hopefully!) the only time you'll have all the time in the world to write it, with no editors demanding you change this, do that, etc. and no contracts or deadlines.

    So enjoy! x

  3. Aw, sweetheart! Thank you so much, that means a lot.

    I related to a lot of your points about yourself - especially the murky greenness and the shyness! I love Twitter for being such a great social outlet for people like us.

    Will have to get thinking about 7 points about me....

  4. Thank you SO much, lovely lady. I'm really touched to be thought of and included in such great company. Wow. You've made my day.

    I'm with you and Jane. T'Internet is a lovely place to hide out and tentatively reach out to others who help me grow in confidence. It's fun to start meeting some of them IRL too!

    I agree with Cath's quote. I'm taking the time and enjoying writing my first novel, because this might be the only time a book I'm writing is entirely mine with no one demanding changes or having expectations of it but me. I hope you enjoy writing yours just as much as I am.

  5. Rebecca, you are so sweet to include me in this wonderful and creative group. I am honored and touched that you consider me a beautiful blogger and thank you for following me.

    In reading your 7 random facts, I see by your #'s 5, 6, & 7, that we share common ground.:-)

    Now, I must post this on my blog to show how proud I am of this award.:-)

    Thank you so much,

  6. Rebecca, thank you so much. I am catching up on blogs and this was a lovely surprise.