Monday, 28 June 2010

Helpful July: Your Thoughts and A Chance To Win

As you can see, I have been using this blog as a chance to showcase some of my writing and to get feedback about various styles that I have been experimenting with. I find getting feedback from readers to be the most useful way of telling if a piece works.

Now I'm asking for a favour. There are links to some of my short stories on the right, and all I am looking for is a reply to this post, saying which of these is your favourite so far, and why.

Every comment will be gratefully received, and as a token of my thanks, I will be selecting one person at random to win an Amazon voucher worth £15.

Thank you in advance for your help.

x x x x

Only comments left below this post will count.
Anyone who leaves a comment up until 31 July 2010 will qualify.
Only one entry per person.
The decision of the random selecting software thingy will be final.
The 'prize'' will be 15 British Pounds or equivalent in local currency when converted.


  1. "Perfect Harmony". I really enjoyed how you wove the two points of view together without making it seem complicated or disjointed.

  2. Hard choice, but A Step Too Far. An interesting story, beautifully paced.

  3. The Gift was just a lovely story. Vivid descriptions and was caught up in the confusion of what was happening to main character. Loved the line where she realizes what she has "become".

  4. I like One Enchanted Evening. Your writing and use of imagery is excellent. I think it is something different but you feel and can related to the characters. Excellent. x

  5. To me it was a very difficult choice between "Stort Story: A Step Too Far" and "Parenting: The Highs, The Lows, The Exhaustion and The Guilt"

    1. A step too far
    When reading this story, i started virtually imagining the characters, I could "see" what was happening and it opened a door to an imaginary world I had looooong forgotten.

    2. "Parenting: The Highs, The Lows, The Exhaustion and The Guilt"
    Because of the TRUE story behind it, and the definite recognition element for a whole set of mothers in the world, a description of the not so glamorous sides of motherhood, and being able to understand what my own parents gave up to bring up me.... a definite medal candidate...

    But.... I will stick with A STEP TOO FAR.... I had forgotten that I could imagine things and I want to thank you for bringing back that ability.

  6. For me it's The Gift. It's a different style, and the sense of time passing is really well done. It really touched me.

  7. I liked "The gift" best, because of it's way of drawing me in and the blackbird song image, really painted a great picture I could almost see before my eyes!

  8. The Gift was my favourite by far. It had that certain something that makes me want to keep reading to find out more, particularly after the 'fade to black' part. Also it had and an ending that I didn't expect (which I love - it's so great to be surprised by a story). 'Realisation of what I have become' even up to the last paragraph you kept your ending hidden!

    This is the only one of your posted stories where you didn't use any dialogue. Looking back again at the others, there are only small sprinklings of dialogue, so perhaps the fact that you left it out completely in The Gift gave it more consistency and flow?

    Funnily enough, I wrote a story called The Gift too, and it has a similar hazy consciousness thing going on. It won the Writers Forum competition for July so you'll be able to read it and compare!

  9. I'm finding it hard to choose, everyone of them has something that speaks to me. I am so glad I started following you on Twitter. I love your writing

  10. Thank you for all of the comments. The "competition" is now closed.