Saturday, 23 October 2010

Becoming an Ether Books Author

I read and absorb the Bubblecow blog regularly. I spotted their piece about Ether Books on the day it was posted. Why then did it take me until Thursday to send off a story? Goodness only knows.  (Please excuse me while I grab my lack of confidence around the throat, shove it into a wooden box, and nail the lid shut.)

I suppose hearing about having another story accepted for an anthology on Wednesday gave me a boost. So on Thursday I filled in that form on the Bubblecow website.

I had an email back that very afternoon. It was a yes for the story. At this point I sat in front of my computer blinking. What started as a very uninspiring week bunged up with a cold was turning into the most successful week for my writing ever.

I have now signed a contract with Ether books and become one of their authors. They publish stories, poems and essays directly to iPhones via their app. From what I have read this may expand to other mobile platforms in the future. It's such an exciting thing to be part of. 

What a week!

Please check out the Ether Books website.
You can also follow them on Twitter and 'like' their page on Facebook.


  1. Rebecca this is fantastic! I'm so pleased for you.x

  2. Brilliant stuff!

    Good on Ether for giving such a rapid and positive response to a submission, as well.

    I hope now that you've looked away your lack of confidence, you'll throw away the key

  3. Oops. That should have read 'locked away' there, not looked away.

  4. Congratulations. That's brilliant.