Tuesday, 16 November 2010

NaNoWriMo: Day 16

We're over half way through November now. Does that sentence make you smile with a sense of achievement, or will me to be quiet and not go on?

Have you made it past the 25,000 word stage? No? Me neither. For those that have, many congratulations.

If you are well behind, but still plodding on, pat yourself on the back as you are still on the way to the first draft of a novel. Try to think that each section of words that you write will help you towards that goal, whether you achieve 50k by the end of the month or not. I'll let you into a secret: there are no fireworks or marching bands if you finish on or before 30 November, so really it's not going to matter in the big scheme of things if you don't. It will feel good, yes, but completing a novel a week or so later will feel just as good. Being behind is not a bad thing as long as you are still writing, however slowly. However if you give up completely now (unless you have a really good reason, of course), you may well regret it in six months time.

If you need some help with getting words down in bulk, you may find Write Or Die helpful. I used this tool a lot last year and it really helps you to bulk up your word count quickly.

If your inspiration has dried up a little, you could take a break and try writing a Six Minute Story. This will get both the creative juices and the adrenaline flowing.

Best of luck for the second half! Maybe it's time to open up your file and write a few words?



  1. I have made it to 28,344 words... BUT. I. Am. so. Tired. *grump*

  2. Just hit 24k, about to try 6 minute story :) Thanks for the link! @dotseven

  3. Crumbs. I am so in awe of you all. Go you all!