Friday, 19 November 2010

NaNoWriMo: Day 19: It's a NaNoNoNo for me

Day 19. Some of my buddies have already written 50k. I have written much less than that but the good thing is, I am very delighted by what I have written. I love my new characters, I love my story arc and my sub plots and the male characters in it are giving me teenage crush symptoms all over again.

I have discovered something about myself in the past year. When I get ideas in my head and a spark, *that* is my best time to write. Best of all, elsewhere. Not in the house where I look around and see piles of sewing and ironing and washing etc. You know what I mean. I take myself off to my favourite cafe and I can get a good 3000 words out in a stint. If I am in that frame of mind.

This morning I have had to surrender. I'm very behind, the weekend is approaching (weekends for me = no writing), my house is a mess, I need to do a tip run and my head is suggesting the arrival of a migraine. I could sit here and force myself to write a few thousand words. But I'm not going to.

Instead I've decided to be pleased with what I have so far, and carry on with it in my own time.

Some may see this as admitting defeat. I am actually very happy about my decision. I don't want to write paragraphs of meaningless nonsense this year, only to cut it out during my first edit. I want every word to count.

I hope that everyone else gets what they want from NaNoWriMo. I am feeling very positive now I have made my decision. I'll let you know when my first draft is finished!


  1. That's a good bi-product of Nanononothingy.
    You could end up with something you love.
    Without starting Nano you wouldn't have found it. Well done and good luck with the rest of the novel. It really doesn't matter when you finish it.

  2. Hey! What you've done is perfect! Like you said, having a limited number of great words is far better than 50,000 crappy ones. And hey, wanna hear my tale of success? I signed up and didn't write a single word. Not one. And I'll never find out if it was great, bad, or ugly. Congratulations to you!

  3. I think figuring out what works for you writing-wise is one of the greatest things about NaNo. And if you are happy with what you have written then you win! :)

  4. You're right, I think producing words that count is more important than the word count :)
    I'm so glad you've produced many words you love, that's the best that comes out of NaNo (though am not speaking from NaNo experience, but it's the same with every writing day I think).

  5. I don't see what you're doing as admitting defeat at all. You've got a respectable word count and you're happy with what you've written and where it might go. That's a result in my book. I think you have to make NaNo work for you and that's exactly what you're doing. Good luck for the coming months and look forward to hearing more about the project as and when.

  6. I think you have done what is right for you. Your family and writing should not have to compete with one another, making you feel guilty and tired. Writing should be your pleasure. I admire those who take up the challenge with families, I could never do it, I am fortunate my time is my own.

    I learned a lesson about me during my NaNoWriMo writing period. I can write to a deadline and keep house, if I stop procrastinating. So now I have a new routine.