Tuesday, 2 November 2010

NaNoWriMo: Day 2

Yesterday saw the beginning of NaNoWriMo 2010. From reading around the places I visit on the internet I know that there have been people who have gone full steam ahead and there are others who still have yet to write a word.

You can still do this! Don't panic if your best friend has already written 6979 words in a day and is boasting about it all over the internet. Good for them, but this is something you are doing for yourself to be honest. At the end of your month, you'll either 'win' or you won't, so my advice is to not worry too much about what everyone else is achieving. They may have had a completely clear day yesterday, and you didn't right?

I have heard a lot of people having a panic as they do not have a plot laid out. Well, neither do I. Instead of worrying and thinking about it, get some words down. The first few thousand may be absolutely useless and you may well delete them all when you do your edits, but do not delete them during November 2010! Remember: every word counts! So, even if you realise you have written the same scene in six different ways, leave it in. The editing comes later.

Good luck for day 2!


  1. Day two has been another good day for me. I am sure the words will dry up and burst my bubble. LOL

    I agree with you, Rebecca, don't panic about what others have written. Plus leave the edits until December.

    Happy scribbling.

  2. I'm so up for this and have gone at it hell for leather the last 2 days - think I may have to pace myself though before my husband, kitten and kids leave me for a better home! Good luck!