Wednesday, 3 November 2010

NaNoWriMo: Day 3: Banking

So, how are we doing? Are those fingers flying, or are you still struggling to get into it? Well don't worry as either way is fine in these early days, you still have time to get going if you have not got any words down.

If, on the other hand, your story is flowing fast and you're feeling enthusiastic and inspired, this is the time to try and do that little bit extra and bank some 'credit' for later in the month. You may feel all energetic now, but the buzz of a new project is helping with that. Later on there is the possibility of a slump in your enthusiasm or other reasons perhaps that you may not be able to meet your quota every day. Great Aunt Nelly may stop by for a visit, or worse, as it's the flu time of year... you know what I'm saying.

My advice in these early days is to bank as much as you possibly can.

But on a personal note, please play nicely and think of the other kids. It's not a race other than a personal one, so don't go onto websites and forums and say "Oh dear, woe is me, I only wrote ten thousand words today; please send sympathy". This, my friend, is both scary and irritating to us lesser mortals. Please just fill in that box on the NaNo site, and ignore the urge to brag as much as you're ignoring your inner editor. Think of your poor mate who has yet to get going, and try and give him or her some encouragement instead.

Good luck!


  1. Good advice. Especially the last paragraph. My daughter has a virus so getting little done during day but managing - just - to get words down in evening.

  2. I was so intimidated my first day because i had written nearly two scenes and i had only 1k. i was worried i wouldn't make 50k and i had barely started! I had to remind myself that sometimes those early scenes go quick as you get right into the meat of the story. last night i wrote a lot more and i'm only 300 words behind now. Plus this weekend i'm going away, by myself, no kids or responsibilities, except visiting with some family. I'm going to drink coffee, and write and sleep until i can't take it anymore. thats when i plan on building my cushion. :)