Monday, 14 March 2011

Authors for Japan

When the lovely Keris Stainton posted about Authors for Japan, I read the post and thought to myself, "What an amazing thing to do, I wish I had something to donate". This was at 6am, pre-coffee, and it took all day for the penny to drop. I *do* have something to donate. (This sums up how I feel like I have been talking about someone else when I have been telling everyone about my book being published!)

I immediately went back to the page and pledged a signed copy of my novel. So now that the Authors for Japan site is set up, it's in the middle of a bunch of amazing items. I have looked at all of the other lots and I have to say, there are some incredible things for everyone to bid on. I'm just hoping that one kind person will bid on lot 14, so I don't look like a complete Billy-no-mates!

I would like to say a big thank you to Keris for organising this. I have no idea how she has managed to get everything sorted out so quickly. Please do pay a visit to the site, and support the people of Japan at this time.

Thank you

 x X x


  1. It is a wonderful idea. And she is amazing to have gotten it off the ground so quickly.

  2. I'm going to bid on lot 14, for sure. Lovely to "meet" you Rebecca. xx

  3. I think Keris is brilliant. I wouldn't have known where to being and I'm quite sure that lot 14 will go like the proverbial hot cake.