Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Bestseller? Me?

Hi everyone.

As you know probably know, it's school holidays at the moment so it's a bit hectic in my house. Let's just say on Monday night I had a vivid dream that my Publisher had decided not to publish my book. It took until I was cleaning my teeth last night to remember we have a contract and relax a bit. I know it was a dream, but man, you should be inside my head. Later in that same dream I saw a cover of my book and it was basically a mixture of Magic Eye photographs and holographs. I spent five nights having horror dreams before that, so in comparison this was not so bad.

I know exactly where the Magic Eye thing came from. This image that I learned on Monday from Ether Books on  is a 'QR Code Link'. Being a bit of a gadget nut I immediately downloaded the free QRReader App to my iPod and gave it a whirl. And yes, it took me straight to the Ether Books homepage. Very clever.

Speaking of Ether Books I have mentioned before they seem to have a way of cheering me up every now and then. I know it's a coincidence but hey, it's all good. Last night hubby and I spent the evening looking other over the company year end accounts. Not the most thrilling way to spend an evening after you've had the children at home all day. My head was so painful by the end of it! The last thing I did before bed was sneak a peak at the Ether App. And there in the number one Bestseller slot was my 'Collection of Flash Fiction Part 1.'

Just beautiful. Even if it only lasts for a day or two which is a certainty with both Daniel Lewis and Niecy O'Keeffe having new stories out, it was so lovely to see. For this hour, at least, I am a bestseller.

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded any of my stories via Ether. x X x X x


  1. well deserved, rebecca - nice to be knocked off by such talent! x

  2. Seconded - am in awe of how you produce so many wonderful stories!

  3. And heh - I just tried the QR thing (which I kind of ignored as I have no idea what they are) and lo and behold it worked! Very clever. ;)

  4. Well done you! Brilliant news! XX

  5. Hurray, brilliant!