Monday, 11 April 2011

What Can You Get For 59p These Days?

If you have 59p to spend, you could probably afford a chocolate bar if you shop around. But if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you could be really clever and download the FREE Ether App and after getting yourself a whole range of FREE stories, you may want to spend your 59p on a download, which you could keep forever. Much more satisfying than that chocolate bar, don't you think?

I have recently submitted some collections of flash fiction to Ether. These collections reflect the experimenting I do with flash fiction, and cover a lot of different genres and styles. The collections of seasonal flashes already published are Autumn and Winter, and I have submitted Spring, with Summer to follow later in the year. 

My 'Collection of Flash Fiction Part 1' is currently the second best selling download on the App. The writer of the bestselling story, Dan Lewis, even said himself that it's "time for a topple," so as he's not going to kick me for it, if you do have 59p to spend, I'd love for you to chose my 'Collection of Flash Fiction Part 1'.

I have some submissions in progress so if they are accepted I will hopefully be adding to my list of content soon.

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