Monday, 5 September 2011

Recent News, In Brief

Today the first challenge has been set for #writecampaign and to my utmost joy I've discovered it's a flash fiction challenge so I will be thinking about that and posting my story this week.

I have joined in with Random Acts of Kindness (#RAK on Twitter) because I love the idea of it and I can't wait to surprise someone with a RAK. Such a brilliant idea. You can find out more here.

I have decided my next novel will be a sequel to New Beginnings. It will include some of the characters from New Beginnings along with some new faces, and a completely different story line.

Speaking of which, the next three people who order a signed copy of New Beginnings via my blog (there is a button in the panel on the right) will receive a free copy of Shambelurkling and Other Stories with their order. I have two stories in Shambelurkling, which is an anthology created to raise funds for autistic children.

If you 'Like' my Facebook page, you will hear about these sorts of offers first, as I occasionally do giveaways and other special deals either exclusively for people on the page, or at least announced there first.

I think that is my news for now, but I may add to this post later if I think of anything else.

Thanks for reading xXx


  1. It's a busy time from the sound of it. I'm going to be having a go at the Campaign challenge too but I'd never heard of the Random Acts of Kindness group. I'll have to go on over and read up about it.

    How exciting that the plans for your next book are starting to come together. Good luck with it.

  2. Hello, fellow campaigner here. I just wanted to say hi!