Thursday, 10 November 2011

Interview with Talli Roland

Talli Roland
Today it gives me great pleasure to have a special guest on my blog for an interview. Talli Roland has three novels available so far, and without further ado, here she is answering my questions:

Hello Talli and welcome to my blog.

For anyone who has yet to discover your books, please could you do a summary of each of your novels using only five words?

Yikes! That’s a tough one to kick off with. Damn you for making me think. Okay, here we go:

The Hating Game: Ball-breaker woman faces four exes.
Watching Willow Watts: Country mouse becomes famous overnight.
Build A Man: Ambitious reporter constructs nation’s perfect man. (Six words, sorry!)

Do you have a favourite of your own novels?

I feel guilty saying this, but yes. I think out of all of them, Build A Man is my favourite. It’s the one I feel is most ‘me'.

Do you draw on personal experiences when you are creating your characters and plot lines?

Inevitably, whether I mean for it to happen for not, personal experiences filter into my writing somehow – not exactly as they’ve occurred in my life, but in a phrase I’ve heard, or a setting. I don’t do it intentionally, but I’m usually surprised at what’s made its way into my work when I look back over my draft.

You have recently blogged about your decision to self publish Build A Man. For any writers who read this, could you tell us if this has been really hard work in comparison to having your books published by a publisher?

Actually, it feels much the same. I worked with an editor and a cover designer on Build A Man, the same way I had with a publisher. I always did my own marketing and promotion, so that hasn’t changed at all. In a way, I find it easier, because now I have complete ownership of my work and timelines.

How easy do you find it to market your books? Any tips for other authors?

It’s never easy to market yourself! But I think the best thing to do is to be interactive. Don’t just push your books at people – take an interest and be genuine, too. Also, be consistent. You can’t do one big push, and then stop blogging and tweeting for months. A little bit each day is the best way to keep top of mind.

This is obviously the most important question of the lot. If you had to give up coffee or wine forever, which one would you chose?

Rebecca! You’re so evil – I can’t believe you’re making me choose. I’d have to say wine, because without coffee, I couldn’t even start my day.

What next? Could you give us a little summary of any other books in progress?

I’m working on Construct A Couple, the sequel to Build A Man. It follows my main character as she attempts to lay the foundation for the ideal relationship. Unfortunately, she soon discovers nothing is ever perfect.

What is your top tip for aspiring writers?

Keep writing, and remember why you write – because you enjoy it. It’s easy to get caught up in the angst of trying to be published. And once you are published, it’s a whole other world of stress! Try to hang on to the joy of creating something you’re proud of.

Thank you for joining me here on Ramblings of a Rusty Writer.

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You can find Talli online in the following places (click to follow links):
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  1. Thanks so much for hosting me, Rebecca!

  2. Gah! That five word summary is a killer! Well done, Talli, I shall be having a go at that ahead of the RNA party next week!

    I already have a Build A Man, but I'm not sure I deserve such a treat yet - lots of horrid stuff to do first!

    Lovely interview!

  3. Great interview Rebecca, Talli is always such fun - and some of those questions were wicked :-)

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  5. Thanks, Rachel! Looking forward to seeing you soon. :)

    Hi Sarah! Thanks for dropping by. Those questions *were* wicked, weren't they?

  6. Did you (Talli) start out wanting to write a series? If not I can totally see how once you've created a world you love you'd want to explore it further!


  8. I love Talli. I'm reading Build a Man and keep seeing Serenity as Talli, so interesting that she sees that one as most like her.

  9. I'll try again. I hadn't heard of Talli but this is an interesting and informative interview. Success to you both :)

  10. I've just re-read this post as I was a bit tired when I published it this morning. Lucky I did, as I had missed the date off the giveaway rules (it will run until 21st). Apologies for any confusion.

  11. I don't know how Talli is pretty much promoting 2 books. She's Superwoman!

  12. Awesome interview, guys! I can't wait to read the book, Talli, especially since it's closest to who you are.

  13. Good luck with the ebook, Talli. Sounds fun to read.

  14. Hi Andrew! I didn't start out to write a series and I've never had the urge before, but I just don't feel this character's story is finished yet.

    Bab's, thanks for dropping by!

    Theresa, thank you. You're way too kind. I wish I was Superwoman!

    Clarissa, thank you. I'm not sure the main character is closest to me (eep!) but I think the 'voice' is.

    Julie, thank you!

  15. Oh, I missed Karen! Thank you, Karen. I think 'Build A Man' is probably the most like my 'blog voice', actually. :)

  16. All the best on all your books, Talli. I hope to have coffee with you one day :) If I don't win a free copy, I will definitely get my own copy of Build a Man! I've now got your 2 other books :)

  17. Such wicked questions! But, Talli, you rose to the challenge with fun and wit. Bravo to both of you. I've bought all of Talli's books by the way, Roland

  18. I don't think I could give up coffee either, especially because I usually drink coffee while I'm writing. So it might be more difficult for me to focus on my manuscript without my beloved caffeine.
    And ooh, a sequel! I love sequels, because I always want to know what happened to the characters after the story ends!

  19. If I'm not too late I'd love to enter!
    I saw Talli at the recent Festival of Romance and my appetite has been whetted for her work. Most intriguing.
    Grace x

    Grace (dot) elliot (at) virginmedia (dot) com

  20. Hi Roland! They were wicked questions, weren't they!

    Neurotic, I know. I could never stop drinking coffee. And I love sequels, too.

    Grace, thank you for your kind words!

  21. Talli you are one of my favourite authors. I don't need to be entered in the comp to win a copy of Build a Man but I am looking forward to reading Construct a Couple!

  22. I'm with you, Talli. I could never give up my coffee. It literally gives me a headache when I do! Good luck with Build A Man. :)

  23. Thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway. The winner is Grace Elliot.

    Congratulations, Grace!