Monday, 30 January 2012

Memories from 1984 - Music and Lyrics

I remember back in 1984, we were going up the Oxford Canal on our narrowboat, Nados, during the summer holiday. We stopped in Banbury which was always one of the highlights. We'd always dash up to WH Smiths and stock up on pens and pencils, paper and other essential stuff. It was the same every time. Except in 1984 I was one of those scary creatures that is a thirteen year old girl. I'd started writing angst poetry and loving songs with good lyrics.

That summer I went to WH Smiths and bought some cassette tapes by Howard Jones and Nik Kershaw. I wanted to be Howard Jones because of the way he could play keyboards. I wanted to be Nik Kershaw because of his incredible lyrics. I spent hours, days, weeks wailing along to 'Wouldn't It Be Good' and 'The Riddle' and thinking I was the bees knees because I owned those tapes.

Fast forward to 2012 and thankfully I no longer write poetry, but the memories of those days in the sun still make me smile. And guess what? Nik Kershaw is still writing and performing, and he's written the forward for a book that I have a story included in, which is the brain child of Caroline Smailes.

I can't believe how brilliant this feels - firstly to have had a story chosen for a book created by and including one of my favourite authors but secondly to be in the same book as Nik Kershaw.

I will keep you updated on this book, which is being published in aid of the charity One In Four.

In the meantime, I'm still trying to work out what the bloody hell is in that hole in the ground near the tree by the river...

If you have the Ether App you can read more about my time on Nados. It's a free download.


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhh! Nik Kershaw!!!!!!!! Aaaaghhhhhh! Giggles, swoons, OMG. You do know that it was a massive glitch in the time-space continuum that meant he didn't get born a few years later and marry me in a big castle with lots of glitter and free sweets?

    Sorry, I mean, well done on the book. Ahem.

    (Hello, Nik.) Giggle.

    Right, I'm off to go and sort myself out. Well done, Rebecca!

    1. I would have loved to have been a guest at *that* wedding! ha ha!

  2. I remember feeling so cool because I bought a snood like Nik had :-)

  3. Saw Howard Jones in concert and remember him being fabulous - holding the stage alone with all those keyboards!

    I am growing old with those guys - thanks for the memories!

  4. It’s girlie heaven on here today - Howard Jones, Nik Kershaw and tapes! I was at Uni so I’d got over my teenage crush on Debbie Harry although Kim Wilde would always have been welcome to pop round for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. Think I was in my 'trying to be cool' phase around 1984 - Smiths, Echo & The Bunnymen, Lloyd Cole, OMD.
    I saw both HJ and NK in concert around that time (lots of girls there for some reason) but remember Howard Jones particularly as he spent most of the gig playing solo on the piano while a roadie with a soldering iron tried to fix his keyboards.
    I’m looking forward to being in the book too but obviously not quite as much as others!

  5. I had Nik Kershaw on my wall and loved The Riddle so much - especially the 12 inch version. I cannot believe, like Martha, how giggly this makes me feel. And Howard Jones yes, still remember where I was a few years later listening to No-one is to Blame. Arrgghh. Between them Aha and Duran Duran you have summed up my entire early teenage existence. Loved 1984, my best summer ever etc etc.

    1. A-ha, Morten Harket, aaaaagh! Taaake on meeeee...

      OK, I'm not allowed to come to this page any more.

  6. Ah, The Riddle, what a confusing song! There was a competition that Radio 1 ran to see if anyone could decipher the meaning behind the lyrics, I cannot remember if anyone ever did though!

    We share the same age Rebecca, and we also had a narrowboat that was docked at Worcester, happy times and great holidays. Good luck with your book(s).

  7. I loved all that syth pop. I was 12 at the time and loved both Nik and Howard's music. They were both great lyricists, but the song that stuck strongly in my mind was Howard's Automaton. Very creepy. :)

  8. ohhh! I loved all these music today! Thanks.

  9. You had a narrowboat? I am very jealous. My family used to live and work on the boats years ago and some of them later returned to them for leisure in retirement years. It's my aim to own one someday although I'm nowhere near that day yet.

    Well done on your achievements too and with regards the bullying blog hop thing. I have a good friend who was bullied mercilessly at boarding school which affects him even now.

    All the very best and I look forward to catching up on more of your blog as well as checking out your work.