Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Short Stories on Wednesdays: While I'm Still Myself

This is the first time I have joined in with the Short Stories on Wednesdays meme, and I plan to join in with it whenever I can. I love both reading and writing short stories, and I am also focusing on writing short stories for the first quarter of this year.

On to the book at hand. I am currently half way through While I'm Still Myself by Jeremy Mark Lane. This collection was published yesterday, and I am rather proud of my signed copy which winged itself across the Atlantic Ocean and into my hands. The book feels lovely in my hand which is why I had to buy a signed copy, even though I also have a copy on my Kindle. (Long live paperbacks!)

Jeremy Mark Lane is a versatile author who has got his head around the short story form. Each of the stories I have read in this book so far has made me smile, made me think, and has basically given me that "I liked that a lot" factor. My favourite so far is called The Reflection, Only Hers which is a beautifully written, clever piece which merits a re-read very quickly after the first.
Jeremy on the Ether app
Jeremy Mark Lane first came to my attention via the Ether app, where he has had ten stories published to date, incidentally, some of the stories from the collection are also available via the Ether app so if you have an iPod Touch or iPhone, you can read them on there.

I am really enjoying this collection so far, and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the stories.

As always, thanks for reading. x

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  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Glad to see you join in with the Short Story on Wednesday group meme. I only recently discovered it myself about a month ago, but have already been made aware of many new - and good- short story writers.

    I hadn't heard of Jeremy Mark Lane, but will make it a point to check him out. I guess I need to make a point of including more contemporary short stories in my readings.


  2. Thanks for your comment, Jay. I'll make a point of visiting your blog :o)

  3. I'm also new to Short Stories on Wednesdays. It's a great excuse to read more short stories!

  4. Isn't Ether fantastic? I love the way they are propelling short story readers and writers to the front of their game. This sounds like a great collection. I could spend days reading the Ether selection! A great place to launch your short story writing career!
    best wishes for 2012,

  5. Short stories on Wednesday has been a great way to discover new-to-me writers AND blogs too. Like Jay, I too have had my head buried in classics for too long. As a result I'd never heard of Jeremy Mark Lane before but I intend to look him up now.

  6. Thanks for all of the comments. I will look forward to visiting your blogs too.

  7. Lane sounds interesting. I'll have to see if I can get a hold of a story or two...