Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Writing Competition to Celebrate the Publication of New Beginnings

I am pleased to announce my second writing competition, this one to celebrate the publication of my debut novel New Beginnings.

This time I am looking for entries of up to 700 words.
The story must involve a fresh start or new beginning in some way or other, and may be in any genre apart from erotica.

This year there will be a fee to enter. The fee for one entry is £3, or for two entries £5.

First prize will be 60% of the takings.
Second prize will be 35% of the takings.
There will be a number of runners up prizes including a choice of books which have been donated by some of the publishers I have worked with in the past.

The remaining 5% of the fees taken will be donated to Bullying UK, the charity mentioned in my novel, which helps people who are being bullied for any reason.

Here's the obligatory list of rules:
1. E-mail your entry to NewBeginningsComp@yahoo.co.uk
Your entry should be in word format or in the body of the email, and should have a title and your name. (This is for ease of organisation, the judging will be anonymous.)
2. Wordcount is 700 maximum not including the title or your name. There is no minimum wordcount.
3. Please only submit your own work. Previously blogged/published/adapted works are allowed, and copyright remains with the author at all times.
4. If you are a prizewinner in this competition, your entry may be published on my blog after the competition closes if you are in agreement.
5. The competition is open to anyone, worldwide, until the last timezone passes midnight on 22 April 2012.
6. Your entry will be disregarded if it exceeds the maximum word count or does not involve a theme as detailed above.
7. Any genre is allowed, apart from erotica. You are welcome to enter with a story for children or YA, but for your info, all of the judges are adults.
8. Paypal payment for your entry/entries should also be sent to NewBeginningsComp@yahoo.co.uk
9. Judging will be by a carefully selected panel of readers. (None of them are writers.) Their decision will be final, whether I agree with them or not.
10. I will acknowledge receipt of every entry. If you do not hear from me within 5 days of submission, please feel free to query.
11. There is a maximum of two entries per person.

Have fun!


  1. I was thinking I wouldn't have time for this, but then I noticed the date. I might have a think :-)

  2. No erotica??? LOL, only joking. ;-) Time to dust off my trusty biro. Thanks for the incentive Rebecca. :-) X

  3. This is something I will be giving a go.

    1. Thanks, Debbie, I will look forward to reading your entry.