Monday, 23 April 2012

Blog Hop and Writing Competition Updates

The No Strings Attached Giveaway blog hop was popular!! Later today I will be going through and sorting the 93 names into three different piles and then announcing winners.

Sadly, my writing competition was not as popular. Last year I had a lot of entries but this one did not come anywhere near. I can understand this, as there are a lot of competitions out there to chose from.

It's been a tough decision but as a result of having a low number of entries, later today I will be refunding the entry fees, and returning the stories to the writers so they can try and place them elsewhere.



  1. What a shame Rebecca. I did write two stories for it but then lost confidence in putting then forward. I will next time.

    1. It is a shame but there are a lot of comps out there at the moment. I think next time I will do a free to enter competition (like last year) too.