Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Wonderful Writing Week

I have said it before that my virtual friends mean a lot to me. I have got to know so many lovely people online, my only worry now is not being able to keep up with everyone all the time due to the lack of hours in the day.

This week really brought home to me how much some of these friendships mean, and I wanted to share it, because I feel incredibly lucky.

Gorgeous books
First of all I have been sent two books in the mail. Voices of Angels is an anthology, which includes a story by my good friend Alison Wells. She wrote such a lovely inscription in the book too. I will treasure that, and I'm looking forward to reading her story and those by other writers I admire greatly.

Lies Love Tells by Gina Dickerson is a book I already have on Kindle but although my Kindle is growing on me, I remain a fan of the paperback. Doesn't it look gorgeous! I'm so looking forward to reading it.


I recently won a book on Goodreads by a writer I had not heard of at the time, Stephanie Abbott. I looked at some of the reviews of the book before my copy arrived and I saw someone had written a couple of unrealistic references to England "jerked them out of the story". As a writer, this irritated me, because if it was my book I would have wanted to know what those things were and change them. So I offered to read through the book and give the author some pointers. Luckily she took this offer in the spirit it was intended, and so began a partnership which led to a second edition. Yesterday I was delighted to see two Kindle gifts in my inbox and when I looked at the second edition of the book I orginally read, I saw this acknowledgments page (right). (I took this on my iPod Touch as the picture is clearer than a shot of my Kindle). Thanks, Stephanie!

I have also been receiving emails about review copies I've sent out of When Dreams Come True. This is my 'make or break' book when it comes to writing. I hadn't realised quite how important it was to me for people to like it until I received the first 3 or 4 emails from people and so far all of the feedback has been really positive. There have been tears, but all of them happy ones. So thank you to Rachel Lyndhurst , Tyler-Rose (The Reading Pile) and Cheryl Casey.

What a wonderful week!!!

Thanks for reading xx


  1. Hi Rebecca, thank you so much for mentioning my book! I really hope you enjoy it!
    The anthology looks wonderful. I'm looking forward to reading When Dreams Come True and hope it goes wonderfully for you!

  2. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for the kind mention. I love your blog and look forward to reading When Dreams Come True!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous week but no more than you deserve!