Friday, 8 June 2012

Friday Flash: That Day

© john shepherd
Anyone who saw her that day would have thought she looked vibrant. White cheeks with a hint of a glow from her cliff-top exertion. Black hair, thick and wild after being whipped around in the wind.

She looked in the peak of health, yet inside she was dying; her heart crumbling slowly, piece by piece.

That was the day the tea shop opened in the small coastal town. She gave it two weeks before she went to see what all the fuss was about.

The door rattled, announcing her entrance to the shop. "A big mug of tea please," she said, and to her astonishment the elderly lady behind the counter winked at her.
"I was wondering how long it would take you to visit," she began. "I've seen you passing my door several times, with not so much as a glance. Take a seat, my lovely, and I'll bring it over."

And so she sat. Taking a photo from her wallet, she lost herself in memories. She tucked the image away as she heard the footsteps approach.

"Don't worry, my child, she will return," the old lady said as she placed the mug in front of her. "This is on me," she added, as she put a plate of shortbread on the table.

"How do you know she'll be back?" the younger woman asked.

"Your daughter is searching for something, but once she finds it, she will return."

As the older woman walked slowly back to the counter, she bit into the shortbread. It crumbled and dissolved on her tongue. Inside, her heart began to heal.

She sipped her tea and tasted hope.


  1. Wow, this is brilliant.

    1. Now that is what you call a *lovely* comment. Thanks, Carol!

  2. You always leave me wanting to know more. I want to write like that.You're amazing.

  3. Left me thinking........this could be developed as a book or longer story........fantastic imagery for me, I could picture myself there.

  4. ..there's so much packed into this tiny moment..Mysterious, dreamlike and thought-provoking... and I love shortbread too!!

  5. I can picture it in my mind too. Lovely story.

  6. Tea and bikkies are always great vehicles to bring about healing.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  7. Short but perfectly formed. And shortbread rules all.

  8. Tea, biscuits, and kind words - a healer, for sure. Very sweet piece, Rebecca!

  9. Wonderful story, Rebecca. The start really made smile as it's very windy here today resulting in that wild-hair feeling. I really enjoyed reading this tale and now want shortbread!

  10. Lovely story. And now I'm hungry.

  11. A lovely ending for a character. Mending and digesting towards well-being.

  12. This is a lovely slice of a surreal life. It reminds me of Chocolat, in a way.

  13. A wonderful short story Rebecca. We should never underestimate the healing power of a nice cuppa, should we? Especially when served by such an insightful old lady.