Saturday, 25 August 2012

How To Use Twitter Effectively Part 1: Introducing Yourself

Picture the scene. You're in a coffee shop / restaurant / park / insert social scene of choice.

You are with a group of people you know fairly well, sharing ideas, exchanging news, updating each other on previously known situations.

A complete stranger walks up to you and shouts into your ear: "Buy my book it will change your life. It's brilliant. You'll love it."


You'd think: "You're a complete stranger. You don't know what my interests are. Why are you shouting in my ear hole when I'm trying to catch up with these lovely people I know?"

You just wouldn't want to be that stranger would you?

Sending someone a sales DM or @ message on Twitter when you've only just connected with them is about as effective as being the stranger above or knocking on someone's front door trying to sell something when a family are in the middle of their Sunday roast.

Don't do it. Please!!

Instead, if you find someone interesting, follow them, say hello if you feel the need, and leave it at that.  If they look at your profile and find your bio interesting they will say hello back and you may well get chatting, or maybe it will take a while. Either way a forced connection is not one that is going to lead to any sort of friendship or sales. Or not very many, anyway.

This may become part of a series of Social Media tips. Should it? Your opinion is welcome.

I tweet as @RebeccaEmin

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Fridayflash: The Healing

You had no idea how broken I was. Like a butterfly touched on the wing, my fate was determined.

But you appeared, and with a few words, relit a flame long since extinguished. A wink, and my heart fluttered to life again.

As I left, I felt your eyes boring into my shoulder. I turned, and for a fleeting second you looked so deeply sad. Almost instantly, you smiled and mouthed, "goodbye".

And then I knew.