Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Book Review: Jane Austen: Her Life, Her Times, Her Novels by Janet Todd

I was lucky enough to receive a review copy of Jane Austen: Her Life, Her Times, Her Novels by Janet Todd. When I opened the package I was astonished as the book is absolutely beautiful in itself before you even open it - the photo doesn't do it justice I'm afraid but it's a large hardback which cries out to be a "coffee table book".

The book describes the life and work of Jane Austen in detail, illustrated beautifully by art from the period, photographs, extracts of her writing and also in three envelopes within the book there are removable items of interest (see photo) including copies of letters Jane Austen wrote, and early drafts of some of her novels.

This is a book to dip in and out of and savour at leisure, it would appeal to anyone who likes Jane Austen's novels or English literature or history in general, and is a treat to own and read.

Highly recommended as a gift idea for any Austen fan.

At the time of writing the best price I can find online is from WHSmith here.

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