Monday, 20 January 2014

Info for Authors: New Books PR Service Launched

I have just received a press release from a PR company I have dealt with twice already and have decided to share it on my blog. I would recommend them to authors, including those who are self-published and with small publishers. They have a very personal and efficient approach.

New Books PR Service Launched

Writers can now benefit from guaranteed exposure in the UK national media thanks to a new service from leading PR agency London PR.

The agency has just launched a new division devoted entirely to books which offers authors a money back guarantee on national media coverage.

London PR has worked with a wide range of writers in the past including best selling Australian author Bradley Trevor Greive who has sold more than 20 million books in 29 languages.

After running successful PR campaigns for several writers during 2013 the agency has now launched a separate division to focus solely on authors.

The new books team is headed up by account manager Sarah Samways who says: “Writing a book is a great achievement but all too often authors end up disappointed by what they perceive as a lack of effort from their publisher in publicising the title.

“It can become a huge frustration. After all that effort they’ve put in, firstly completing their book, and secondly, getting it published, it can be a huge let down when sales don’t happen.

“But how can anyone buy a book they haven’t even heard of? It’s the age old publishing dilemma but it’s something we can help with.

“We deal with journalists every day and regularly create content for national newspapers and magazines. Therefore we are well placed to pitch in feature suggestions around authors and their books and we understand how to present these stories to the media in a way they find compelling.”

But she warned that the team would be selective on the projects they take on.

She added: “Clearly we need to believe in a book to be able to get the best results therefore we are discerning in our approach to the work we take on.”

Authors can find out more by visiting

If you have a book which you think the great British public should know about, please contact London PR by email at

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