Thursday, 16 July 2015

Author Interview with May Sage (Includes Giveaway)

It gives me great pleasure today to be featuring an author whose debut novel is launching today! I think you will agree with me that the cover is absolutely fantastic, and I have personally bought my copy of the book as a result of it. Now, over to that interview:

Hello May, and welcome to my blog.
Please could you give us your bio in under 50 words?
How do they start again? My name is May and I’m a bibliolic. I spend more on books than food every month and my collection of kindle ebooks amount to a four digit figure. I have other interests, but books – I mean writing and reading them – is my absolute passion. 

Please could you describe your novel using only five words?
New hot smexy suspense romance 

Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should read your book.
Because it will entertain you, turn you on and leave you begging for more.

What made you decide to write a book?
Well, you want to go back a few years for that one: it’s my third grade teacher’s fault. She gave us a really, really cool subject to write on and asked for two pages. Seriously, two pages. I’ve filled out a good ten and still had more ideas! After reading my assignment, she told me I should really write a book and so, it all started.
Now, if the question is, why am I publishing a book? I never saw writing as a potential career: it’s who I am, not what I do.
But as I read over one book a day, I often reach a stage when I just pick books here and there, knowing for a fact that half of them aren’t going to be great. I was reading an extremely badly written novel back in February and it suddenly hit me: my books are better than that, and some people might enjoy reading them!  

Did you plan your story in advance, or write what came into your head as you went along?
I tend to get one idea and if I want it to stick, I start writing about it; the first couple of chapters take a ridiculously short amount of time and energy, but afterwards, if I want to carry on with it, I stop and write a very simple plan highlighting what’s happening in each chapter – I also add a timescale and a bit about any new character I’m introducing on the go. Just going with the flow works for some, but it’s good to stay focused to avoid plot inconsistencies.