Friday, 3 February 2017

Author Interview: Radu Balas

Today I'm pleased to welcome Radu Balas to my blog. Radu has written a book about promoting yourself as an author and also has a business helping people do just that. You can read more about him and his work below, in his article based on questions I sent to him.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your career.
I am a visionary and a builder.  I think you can’t be a good visionary if you’re not a builder.  I like seeing things growing and that’s how I became interested in business.  During my teens when I was around 15, I started creating logo designs in various forums and websites.  I have excelled in this arena which helped me discover the potentials of building a lucrative online business.
Work takes up majority of my time but I still get to enjoy life.
That’s the beauty of having your own business instead of a doing a 9-5 job.  Some days, I could clock in 10-12 hours at work but go on a 2-week holiday out of town.  Passive income gives me freedom.  Just recently, I went on a 10-day ski trip in Italy with some of my friends.  Some of them also work with me.  I love traveling and spending time with some important people in my life as much as I am passionate about our business.

Please summarise your book in five words.
Ah, that’s interesting.  I thought writing a full-length eBook was the difficult part.  Hmm, 5 words…
  1. Relevant
  2. Easy to follow
  3. Results-oriented
  4. Informative
  5. Complete

Tell us why we should read your book.
I’ll tell you the reasons based on the five words I used to describe my book.
Relevant –My book is relevant to the current publishing trend.  You gotta be seen out there.  You gotta be found where your target market is.  My book helps an author know how to do this starting from creating an author website.
Bespoke – Our aim at Publishing Addict is to tailor the website according to the brand image of the author.  Sticking to a brand avoids confusion among the audience.  Consistent branding gives you credibility as an author.
Results-oriented – We do it out of passion.  We do it professionally.  We don’t just make your website look good for the sake of having something to display online but also make it generate more traffic in order to sell more books.
Informative – The information related in the book are mostly based on my experience working with several top authors.  I am happy to share them with my audience and clients.
Complete – You may find other information online but different articles say different things.  My book is well-researched and based on actual experiences.  I gathered them together to put them into one complete source of information on how to market your books through your author website.

What’s next? Are you planning to write any more books?
Yes, I am writing some chapters down as we speak. I haven’t decided on a title yet, but it will be something along these lines “The New Entrepreneur Guide to Starting a Business”
I will approach complex topics in a practical manner:
  • Understanding the MVP concept and talking about proof of concept before spending money and time on it
  • What to sell, how and why
  • Where to find clients
  • Authority and Brand - 3 practical ways to build a brand and increase your authority if you’re not Coco-Cola
  • Amazing tools that are available now to make your journey so much easier
I know that most of your readers are authors; this applies to them as well. Doesn’t matter if you are writing a fiction or non-fiction book, it’s important to know who you are writing it for.

What's the best advice anyone has ever given you?
Follow your intuition and keep searching for what makes you happy until you found it. This sounds like something Steve Jobs would say. One of my mentors told this same thing to me many years ago.  I was a young teen when I started having interest in the online arena and when I found where I’m good at, I decided to stick with it.  It involves a lot of hard work but I am thriving and happy because I enjoy the work I’m doing at the same time helping authors build their brand.

About Radu
People around the world depend on Radu Balas to show them clear marketing systems on how to put their businesses in front of their clients, increase sales, drive more traffic, build a brand, grow their email lists all while spending less time doing it using tools and automation.
Drawing on his years of design and marketing specialist experience, working for some of the world’s top influencers, along with his own experience in building a business from scratch, Radu provides priceless insights and a clear path to follow for a stress-free approach to starting and growing your own online business. Radu is also a best-selling author and runs several successful businesses online.