Ether Books

Ether Books publish short stories and essays to the Ether App, currently available for iPhone and iPod Touch and soon to be available for other mobile platforms.

Ether have published a few of my stories. Find out more about Ether by selecting Ether Books in the labels section in the right panel of my blog, or visiting the Ether Books website.

A Collection of Flash Fiction, Part 1
A collection of eight flash fiction stories. They vary in length, and reflect my experimentation with the form.

A Knowing Look (FREE)
A young girl recounts her life in an African National Park. This story evolved from my love of animals and was inspired by a BBC documentary on how elephants mourn their dead.

A Rocky Road
This is a blend of two flash fiction stories which feature the same characters. This story has proven to be very popular and will be expanded on in future.

Class of 1990
A story about a group of friends that shows that people often don't say what they are really thinking.

Listen (FREE)
Inspired by visitors to my garden, this was previously included in 50 Stories for Pakistan.

Make or Break (FREE)
This story was drawn from personal experience.

My Island Tale (FREE)
This story jumped into my head when I was looking at a friend's holiday snaps! You can see the original version of the story with the photo here on my blog.

Nados (FREE)
A creative non-fiction piece about my family holidays on the British Waterways.

Perfect Harmony
A story of a perfect couple returning from a perfect holiday to their perfect existence. Nothing's really perfect, is it?

Seasonal Flashes: Autumn
A collection of flash fiction with an Autumnal theme.

Seasonal Flashes: Spring
A collection of flash fiction set in Spring.

Seasonal Flashes: Winter
A collection of flash fiction with the themes of Winter and Christmas.

The Gift
A woman has a dramatic experience when she goes shopping for a special gift. This story tends to appeal to women more than men. You will see why if you read it!

Tour and Duty
A soldier returns from active duty and trys to re-adjust to 'normal' life.