Sunday, 31 January 2010


Hi Everyone

I've had to discover a whole new level of patience since I got into this writing game. After working hard on a story, writing, tweaking, letting it rest and tweaking again (repeat countless times), you send off your little piece of yourself and then you have to wait. It's bad enough expecting criticism (even the helpful sort) but when you have to wait for it, it builds up into something terrifying in my mind.

It reminded me of when I dropped my children off at school/preschool in the early days, and you wait all day to hear how they get on. Only the wait for feedback for stories is so much longer than a day.

Anyway, by tomorrow I will hear about one contest entry. Oh, did I mention, the story I wrote for Reading Writers also made it through the second round of judging along with 42 others (there were a total of 388 entries)? I am so delighted with that. It was my favourite story that I have written to date when I first sent it off, but now even more so. I am also waiting to hear whether the story I submitted for '100 Stories For Haiti' will make it. As they received over 400 submissions, I doubt it, but I am happy to be helping to spread the word about the book. My piece for the book for Cancer Research has been accepted though. I was very pleased about that, as Cancer Research is a charity that I support wholeheartedly.

Anyway off I go, to wait a little longer!

Bye for now x

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Nanowrimo Revisited

During a break from editing my latest short story, I was looking around Twitter and came across a competition on Cornell DeVille's blog. I didn't have much time to think about it as there were only a few slots left, so I opened up my Nanowrimo story for the first time since the end of November.

I quickly edited the first two paragraphs and submitted the first one for the competition. I've not told anyone which is my entry, just that it is in Group 5. I wanted to see if anyone would vote for it because of the writing itself, and not just because they were a friend of mine.

I am SO pleased that I did this, as I got some votes fairly quickly. It has filled me with enthusiasm for my Nanowrimo story again. Before too long I'm going to open it up again. When I have at least a couple of hours free for it.

I've also completed a story and submitted it for the 100 Stories for Haiti Book Project that I described in my last post. I am not sure if it is what the editorial team are looking for, but if not it's another story sitting in my file on my computer. There's a whole five short stories in there now. Not a bad start.

I'm now on a hunt for new story competitions to enter. It's never very difficult to find information on writing when you are on Twitter, as the people on there are always keen to swap ideas and links. I am so glad I have that as a resource. I still can't believe that a year ago I had no idea what Twitter even was.

I really am rambling now: I picked an apt name for my blog after all! Speaking of blogs, I would like to leave a special mention for my Nanowrimo twin, Alison Wells, who has gone back to visit her Nano file this weekend too. During November 2009 we wrote at about the same rate, had similar roller coaster rides, and encouraged each other along the way. Visit her blog here: Head Above Water.

Thanks for reading.


Monday, 18 January 2010

Something to say

Hello anyone who is reading this. Thank you for doing so!

As you can see it has been over a month since I last wrote. I obviously had a break from writing anything (and from having any free time) over the school Christmas holidays. Then we had a couple of weeks where snow messed up my plans to get back into writing.

The short story that I mentioned in my last post taught me a lot. As I mentioned, I did not spend a lot of time on it, and needless to say it did not make it into the top five stories as far as the judges were concerned.

However, I have since entered another short story competition here: Reading Writers. This one was for up to 1000 words, and I spent a lot of time and care on this story. I enjoyed it so much more as well. I felt a mixture of excitement and dread when I clicked on the submit button to send it off.

I have heard today that this story has made it through the first round of judging. I am so excited that I keep looking at the website just to see my name on it. To be honest, I have no illusion that it will get any further but I feel like a winner for getting through the first round.

You may have picked up on my supreme lack of confidence already. This news has given me a much needed boost, and at last I feel the urge to get writing again.

More soon!