Sunday, 24 January 2010

Nanowrimo Revisited

During a break from editing my latest short story, I was looking around Twitter and came across a competition on Cornell DeVille's blog. I didn't have much time to think about it as there were only a few slots left, so I opened up my Nanowrimo story for the first time since the end of November.

I quickly edited the first two paragraphs and submitted the first one for the competition. I've not told anyone which is my entry, just that it is in Group 5. I wanted to see if anyone would vote for it because of the writing itself, and not just because they were a friend of mine.

I am SO pleased that I did this, as I got some votes fairly quickly. It has filled me with enthusiasm for my Nanowrimo story again. Before too long I'm going to open it up again. When I have at least a couple of hours free for it.

I've also completed a story and submitted it for the 100 Stories for Haiti Book Project that I described in my last post. I am not sure if it is what the editorial team are looking for, but if not it's another story sitting in my file on my computer. There's a whole five short stories in there now. Not a bad start.

I'm now on a hunt for new story competitions to enter. It's never very difficult to find information on writing when you are on Twitter, as the people on there are always keen to swap ideas and links. I am so glad I have that as a resource. I still can't believe that a year ago I had no idea what Twitter even was.

I really am rambling now: I picked an apt name for my blog after all! Speaking of blogs, I would like to leave a special mention for my Nanowrimo twin, Alison Wells, who has gone back to visit her Nano file this weekend too. During November 2009 we wrote at about the same rate, had similar roller coaster rides, and encouraged each other along the way. Visit her blog here: Head Above Water.

Thanks for reading.


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