Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A Confession...

So, as the title suggests, I have a confession to make.

After a few story rejections and with a lack of quality time, I haven't been writing much recently. I haven't really felt like it, if I am honest. I have wondered whether to jack it in altogether. A week ago I decided to create my own little controlled experiment. I set up a whole new identity, email, twitter account, blog, the works. I started blogging "in my own voice", writing about random every day things. Within a day this blog had 10 followers and the first post had 10 comments on it. In under a week, the Twitter account had 97 followers. NINETY SEVEN. I couldn't believe it.

Anyway I didn't edit my posts on there. I just wrote what I was thinking in a post each day. The blog followers grew to 16 in under a week. The only trouble is, I signed up to it thinking that I would be able to not get attached... but people were so nice. We got talking. I felt like a big fat liar. I knew I couldn't keep it up.

What I have learnt is, that perhaps my writing can make people laugh, and be interesting to a wider audience, if I sometimes just write about life itself. In all honesty, it was a thrill to get so many followers for my new persona in so little time.

Just now, I made sure I was following everyone who had followed my new account. I then deleted my whole new creation. If you were following me and know which account I am referring to, I am really sorry for feeling the need to do this anonymously. I feel like I have deceived people, and I don't like that feeling.

However, as much as I feel guilty for doing this whole "experiment" now, I also feel like I have much more confidence in my writing. I want to thank everyone who follows me and who has read this because it's all of you that made me decide to get everything back in one place. I don't really have enough time to manage more than one "me".

Goodbye "mumfulltime" you taught me a lot.

I hope that everyone who reads this will be able to forgive me for feeling the need to find my voice.

x x x


  1. Hiya,

    I don't think you need to be sorry, it was a creative experiment that really helped increase your confidence by the sounds of it. So congratulations!


  2. I wasn't someone affected by this, but I thought you explained things great and I hope everybody is fine about it for you :)

  3. Lots of people do what you did, in fact I'm one of them. Ok i'm not but I did start an alternative blog for about 5 seconds you can read the one and only post at I've just been there and noticed 2 followers! (sorry to them!) And when I add different strings to my bow I would have no hesitation doing the same. Mumfulltime was/is great. I never guessed.

    YOU are great. Now continue x

  4. Dude, that was *you*! I loved that/her, and now I know why!! Don't you dare stop reading.

    If it helps, like our other brain twin Ms Alison Wells above, I too have an extra blog - mine's supposed to be reserved for relocation ramblings (, but has the sum total of 1 post on it because man, fueling my split personality is hard work. We've all been there, apparently...!

  5. Writing! I meant WRITING, not reading. *muppet*

  6. wow, what a fabulous experiment, and so great that you found your voice and your confidence to be yourself!

  7. Wow Rebecca - this is a great post. I am exactly where you were at the moment. Rejections all over the place and getting thoroughly fed up and wondering if I am a crap writer and should give it all up! Thank you for sharing this experiment and for confirming what I suppose we all know at some deep level, that we just need to find our own authentic voice and write from our heart.

    I am still struggling with it all - but am becoming aware that sometimes writing from my heart means being funny, but other times it is being serious! Oh I could go on and on... but just wanted to say thanks for being so honest and sharing. This is a great post that all writers will need to read at some time or other! Good on you. And now as Alison and Sarah say.. just keep writing

  8. Hey Rebecca

    Really honest post, you've said what I reckon everyone has thought at one time or another. I didn't read your alter ego, but I'm wishing I had!
    You should be chuffed with the success you had with your experiment and do whatever feels good to you. I don't think anyone will think there is anything to forgive!
    Good luck and keep up the good work x

  9. I think that's a great idea! Do you still have this other blog? I would love to read it. I love your voice. :) My favorite blog posts are about people's lives.

  10. You got to the heart of what makes writers great! Drawing on our everyday experiences and using them in our writing is how writers make connections to readers! I hope this lit that spark that you needed to get back to your writing!

  11. Hi Rebecca, lovely honest post, think we all feel a bit despondent about writing into a vacuum at times,
    I find the actual experience of writing itself good for my psyche,
    have detwittered myself, too prone to disctractions, but still alive and well in cyperspace @ love visiting everyones blogs,I'm still writing my blog at
    Keep the writing faith,
    Brigid x (the artist formerly known as sortofwriting)

  12. Excellent finding your voice! I absolutely know what you mean. I love writing my blog now that I've got over myself a little. Now I feel more confident in what I'm doing. I find engaging on Twitter really helps too. I have three kids too Rebecca (all bigger kids now) and I'm a Kiwi import living in North Hants. I call myself a writer, but beyond blogging, tweeting and commercial writing haven't touched the manuscript for years now... ;-(

  13. Really interesting, Rebecca! I don't see that you need to feel bad at all. I think it was a great idea and a great way to find your voice! Good luck with the rest of your writing.