Saturday, 13 March 2010

A Night Out With The Girls

Last night I went out with 13 other ladies, to celebrate a friend's 44th birthday, and the fact that she has fought Cancer and won. She had booked a lovely venue, and I had been looking forward to it for weeks.

Typically, I ended up with a migraine on the day. There was no way I was going to miss this event though, as it meant a lot to me to be there and share in the celebrations. I decided to drive, so that I could leave when my head had had enough.

Off I went, and gave a couple of ladies from our village a lift. I was glad as I get quite nervous going to places I don't know. I've always been more of a listener than a talker, and last night was no exception. As the evening progressed, I learnt a lot about a several people, some of whom I knew before the evening and some new to me. I think I was the only one who was not drinking, but I still enjoyed the evening greatly, despite my throbbing head.

I had not realised quite how my thought processes were working during the evening, but as I excused myself at about 11pm, and drove home alone, my brain started whirring and thoughts were clicking into place. Having thought of a new idea for a novel on Thursday, it seemed that the bare bones were being populated by characters at an alarming rate. I had spotted several different personalities during the evening, and these had fuelled my ideas for the story. I felt wide awake at 3.30 this morning and I had to fight the urge to get up and start writing. I would have given in, if we had not had so much to do today, and if my migraine was not continuing to saw backwards and forwards over my nerves.

I'm still sticking to my self-imposed ban on writing for March. I will be generous and allow myself the odd blog post, but I am really looking forward to getting these ideas down once March and the subsequent school holidays have passed. It's the first time that I have been truly glad that I am a born listener. I wonder if some of the ladies that I spent the evening with will recognise themselves in some of my characters.


  1. I hope you allowed yourself time to jot down notes. If you are anything like me you will forget by the time April arrives, lol.
    I wonder if the ladies will recognise themselves...I hope they were behaving! LOL

  2. Sounds like a great idea.... am looking forward to the result!

  3. Hi and thanks for the comments. Glynis it was all very civilised, lol.