Saturday, 27 March 2010

Oh, I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside...

A week ago we bundled the children into the car for a trip to the seaside. We drove for a couple of hours, until we finally saw the white cliffs of Dover, and sighed in relief that we had arrived without incident. No one cried, no one moaned or got outraged that we had been in the car for so long, and no-one was travel sick. Result!

We got out and looked around for a while. After a quick walk on a pebbly and very windy beach, we walked around a rather smart looking Quay area which was full of modern shops, and then up the high street. Looking for somewhere to eat with three small children when it is raining is not as easy as it could be. Unfortunately that meant we ended up in McDonalds, but at least the children were happy.

I forgot to mention that it was late afternoon by the time we got down there. All the best plans, as they say; we had car issues to deal with before we set off, but children being children they did not question why we were going for a day out at such a late hour.

After they had finished their food, we bundled them all back into the car. They were all excited as we had said we could stay in the area overnight. We found a room in a Premier Inn nearby. Cheap, and much more cheerful than I had expected.

I was impressed with the way the children slept. Usually in a hotel room, there is a lot of excitement and not much sleep, but this time they were out like little lights.

Up early in the morning, we suggested going on a boat trip. At this point, eldest started moaning that she didn't want to go on a boat trip. Whispered discussions in the bathroom led to a slight change of plan as we made the announcement there and then. Three little faces lit up when they heard that we were actually catching a ferry to France and going to Disneyland Paris for a week. "What about school?" was the first question. Luckily, school were in on the secret.

Please click here for my detailed review of our trip to Disneyland Paris, including highs, lows, and tips for future travellers.


  1. What a wonderful surprise for them all.

    I remember taking six children (2 were mine, 4 were my step-sons) to Disneyland Paris. They had a ball. I was in need of a holiday when I came back, but we all remember it fondly.

  2. Cant wait to hear the next bit Rebecca! x

  3. bless ! they will remember that for years to come !!!! glad you all had a great time ! xxx

  4. We did that to my daughter once, plucked her from bed in her pj's, drove to the airport and got on a plane. Didn't tell her our destination (Disneyland) till we were on the plane, and the screams...!

  5. How wonderful! What lucky children.

  6. How lovely to have sprung such a wonderful surprise for the children Rebecca. Imagine them worrying about missing school too!

  7. fantastic hun we are hoping to do this with granson at a later date x