Monday, 10 May 2010

Words from a Wise Man

Someone older and wiser than I am has been known to say, when I was a teen in particular, "You always say you are 'going to...' and you never quite follow it through." Unfortunately, my Dad has an irritating habit of being right most of the time.

I was thinking the other day about how many things I have started and not seen through. Stories, diets, hobbies, you name it. The realisation that I have had so many ideas that have not been completed has suddenly made me feel really motivated.

I have 3 novels on the go. I have now decided to focus on one of them, and edit it to a readable state. This is the 50k+ word story that I wrote in November 2009. I'm not going to open up the other 2 files again until this has been edited to the point that I am happy with it.

As for myself, I am putting this in writing in the hope that it will help me stick with it. I am going to lose some weight and then start running again. There was recently a 10k race locally, and next year I want to feel fit enough to enter it. I can't believe I have not been running since 2008, when I went through a phase of enjoying it so much.

My target for these things is April next year. I have a significant birthday that month, and I want to feel like I have achieved these two things by then.

Please feel free to send encouraging vibes my way!


  1. Sticking with something has always been a problem with me too Rebecca, and the wisdom of parents can be infuriating at times can't it?

    But remember that the way to frustrate a smart-ass parent is to go ahead and prove them wrong. The nice thing is, that when you do, they won't even resent you for it.

    By the way, congratulations on your 21st birthday for April 2011 *grins*

  2. Lots of positive vibes coming at you from this direction, Rebecca.

    I think you've been sensible in setting two very achievable goals and concentrating on those. I'm sure you will achieve both and wish you every success.

  3. Sending you all kinds of postiive and encouraging vibes. And good idea to put all your new resolutions in writing publicly. And good luck with it! You might not achieve it all but I will bet you will do most of it!

  4. Good luck, and we will try to keep you going with encouragement! molly

  5. Encouraging vibes, encouraging vibes!!! If you have a 50k+ story written, you have achieved more than some already! :) No names!

  6. And more encouraging vibes from me! I have to say, I have the same problem as you, in that I start a lot of things. Your post has actually been very inspirational to me to follow your example and try to set a few specific targets and aim to achieve those by my next significant birthday!

    Thanks very much x