Thursday, 16 September 2010

Short Story: Temptation

It was five thirty and the children were eating when he arrived home. He hugged his wife and whispered “I’m feeling a bit fruity tonight.” But then the baby cried. 
“Later,” she promised with a sigh.

Later never came. Or rather, later came, but with it the tiredness that led to instant sleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows. Nothing could have prepared him for the dreams:

He was walking along Temptation Avenue.

He looked left. Full bouncing orbs, hanging downwards but still firm. He wanted to reach out and feel the smooth skin under his fingertips. He resisted and won.

He looked right. What seemed like hundreds of tight, round, reddish buds. He had the urge to touch and tease, then to gently caress them with his tongue. Instead he looked away.

Ahead he saw large round mounds of tight flesh begging to be stroked. He scrunched his eyes tight to avoid further temptation.

He woke with a start. The sun was slowly rising on a chilled Saturday morning.

“Harvest time,” he whispered to his slumbering wife, “I’ll go out and gather up some fruit right now before I forget.”


  1. *Giggle* Clever little double entendre piece. Perfect for fall.

  2. Very suggestive Rebecca, ooo-er!!

    After a dream like that I don't see how he COULD forget. :)

  3. Good story. It brought a few giggles out of me.

  4. Have you read Washington Irving's Sleepy Hollow recently? Reminded me of Crane's erotic fascination for banquets. Produce is important...

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone, it feels so good to have a friday flash up after missing four weeks!

    John, no, I have never read Sleepy Hollow! Perhaps I should put that on my to read list.

    I was going to call this something along the lines of "what's your mind like" but I couldn't think of anything that worked last night. hee hee hee

    Thanks for reading...

  6. Nice, Rebecca. I laughed out loud on this one (and it still hurts a little to laugh). I wondered at the "feeling a bit fruity" line.

  7. I trust the apples weren't Granny Smiths!! Golden delicious. A fecund tale to sink ones teeth into!

    marc nash

  8. Very quirky Rebecca, quite surreal, love the descriptions. Very evocative/provocative! Lovely.

  9. My mind must be filthy!! Really made me laugh at the end! x

  10. Very clever. Well done, you caught me. :)

  11. This is a really well written piece of flash, Rebecca. Well done!


  12. This was very funny. Thank you I enjoyed it tremendously.

  13. This was fun - thank you for improving Monday so well. :)

    Well done.