Thursday, 7 October 2010

National Poetry Day: View from the Shore

It's National Poetry Day today. I haven't written any poetry in a while so you're in for a treat (or a laugh) with this one. I wrote in on 15th November 1993. (This is exactly how I wrote it back then.)

View from the shore

The sun shines so brightly, the cool wind is light
The waves break around me, the gulls take to flight.
I stand and I stare out to sea for a while,
And strange, the sensation that turns to a smile.

I ponder the feelings that keep me subdued
I long for a time when my faith is renewed.
I feel all alone though there's crowds on the shore,
And turn my attention to nature once more.
A solitary tear marks a path down my cheek,
And deep in my dreamworld I hear someone speak.
As I look at the pebbles and shells on the sand,
I feel that there's someone who might understand.

I turn to ask questions, but see only space,
Once again watch the waves in this enchanted place;
Now I know I can't wish for what never can be,
And I finally feel happy; at one with the sea.

A friend I have found in the form of the sea,
The voice was a gift that was given to me
As I live for each day, but I know when I'm gone
That the sea in it's wisdom will still carry on.

When I came to the seashore it was to lament,
As I leave it I realise I feel so content.
I'm glad to discover I'm happy once more
As the waves wash my misery far from the shore.


  1. Fantastic! I loved the rhythm.

    (oldies can be goodies!)


  2. I really like the rhythm of this poem, it feels like the lapping of waves on the beach as you read it.