Saturday, 9 October 2010

Those little gestures that mean so much.

I have been very lucky recently to be at the receiving end of some wonderful kind gifts from companies.

Two weeks ago I was contacted on Twitter by Interflora offering to send me some flowers to brighten up my day. To begin with I wasn't sure if it was actually a joke, or if they were suggesting I buy some, but no; the following day the most beautiful bouquet arrived at my door. It lasted for two weeks and it has raised many a smile. The photo isn't the best, but you get the general idea of how gorgeous it was.

Then, since my story was accepted for '50 Stories for Pakistan', I have turned into a bit of a marketing obsessive. You may have noticed! I actually thought to myself 'well it's for charity' and paid a good chunk (enough to make me think twice) of money to Vistaprint for 500 (I know, I know) postcards to help me spread the word. I have used Vistaprint before several times and always been delighted with their products so it was a no brainer for me who to use.

After I placed the order I emailed Vistaprint and also called them the following day to discuss the possibility of a discount as this was a charity project. I was told that I already received a good offer on the order by the Customer Service lady on the phone. She was very polite and helpful, and I thanked her and told myself it had been worth the try. End of story... or so I thought.

Imagine my delight when I logged into my email this morning and discovered a refund of half of the product price that I paid!

I wouldn't often blog about big companies but these two definitely needed to be mentioned and thanked. Those gestures may be a tiny drop in the corporate ocean, but they make an enormous difference to individuals like myself.

Thank you.


  1. Wonderful. It's brilliant to hear of good service and lovely of you to publicise it.

  2. Those gestures are such a rarity these days that they really deserve to be pointed out. Good for you!

  3. Great! I love Vistaprint and have always used them for my business cards. That's a beautiful gesture on your part, ordering all those postcards!

  4. Well done! This just goes to show that you have to have the courage to ask. It's like bartering in a foreign market. Sometimes we're just too polite/shy... well I am anyway. I've never used Vistaprint but will now check them out.

  5. Hi Rebecca,
    Thanks for sharing your story. I am glad to hear that our agent helped you out with this. Thanks again for choosing us.
    Jeff Esposito
    Community manager, Vistaprint