Wednesday, 22 December 2010

One Amazing Year for A Rusty Writer!

If someone had told me at the beginning of this year, that by the end of this year I would have had stories published in two anthologies and would have a contract with Ether Books, I would have laughed in their face.

But it has happened. I'm still ridiculously excited every time I look at a front cover of either of the books or the Ether website.

I thought I would get a couple of copies of each of the anthologies. One for my parents, one for my sister and one for us. Wrong.

So far, I have had to buy 34 copies of 50 Stories of Pakistan and 41 copies of Shambelurkling and Other Stories. Insane, I know!

I have had press releases published, made up marketing freebies, got them stocked in two Post Offices, and have a school visit pending. Even with all of these things, the thought of going into a proper book shop scared the life out of me. Somehow it seems a bit like The Big One.

I will admit this now. I went into the shop I had in mind once, a couple of weeks ago. I bottled it, and left with my question unasked. Today I decided to confront my nerves. I printed off a letter and packaged up one of each of the books in the vain hope that the manager wouldn't be there. But she was.

When I introduced myself and showed her the books, there was no hesitation. She didn't even open them to look inside.
"We'll take two copies of each to start with, please send me an invoice." I inhaled deeply and tried to hide my excitement. The fact that she said "I recognise that cover, someone who knows you was in here asking about this one ('50 Stories') made it an even more special trip.

I floated out of that shop.

What a year!

Links to both anthologies and the Ether website are in the right panel of this page.


  1. Richly deserved success. Well done.

  2. Yay! Go you!
    I got a bit emotional reading this :)
    You're one of the loveliest, genuine people I know (in a social networking context, but still feel like I know you!)and deserve recognition and reward for your lovely writing and hard work. Your writing career is taking off and I'm so pleased for you xx

  3. How wonderful for you, Rebecca. I hope 2011 is even better. Enjoy the festive season and well done on all you have achieved.

  4. I think Rachel said it absolutely perfectly. What really stands out about you is that your own success comes alongside and sometimes behind being a great source of help, encouragement and promotion of your fellow writers and others, the charity causes etc. Your writing and confidence are going from strength to strength and are rightly being recognised, the strength of your personality should also been recognised, these in combination should guarantee you continued success in your writing and other worthwhile endeavours. x

  5. Hurray! Sounds fantastic and hopefully only the beginnings of more successful writing. Well done and have a lovely Christmas.

  6. Rebecca, you fully deserve the success you've had this year. You put the work in and yet still made time to support and promote others in their writing. Congratulations on such a terrific 2010 and looking forward to watching you continue to build on that in 2011. Merry Christmas and every good wish for the New Year!

  7. Amazing... and more to come, I'm sure. Congratulations! I love posts like this one--there is so much to be grateful for... and we creative types don't often go for the gratitude... we're searching for that next thing... good for you for taking pride in your work--and for stepping up and doing something about it despite your nerves! BRAVO!