Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Splish, Splash: It's All Relative

Today on the school run, it was my turn to walk five children around the corner from the road we park on, into the school. The main road that the school entrance is located on, was feeling the after-effects of the heavy rain that we had yesterday. When I say "heavy rain", I mean heavy for a country where extremes are not expected or dealt with very well.  So basically, every time we have heavy rain, the road floods.

Now you would imagine that drivers would notice the flooded road, and notice the people walking their children to the school, many with babies or toddlers. You would imagine that these drivers would slow down as a matter of courtesy. But no. As a result of the flooded road, several children and parents who had not waited for a clear road and then ran, were drenched. And the water, to be honest, smelled like sewage.

People were complaining, people were livid. But when I got back in my dry car to drive back to my warm house, with it's dry carpets, I thought of our fellow humans on the other side of the globe, who have been completely and utterly submerged. How then can we complain about a splash of water, when some people don't have a place to go back to to dry off or clean clothes to change into?

I have absolutely no concept of how people cope in these situations when some sort of environmental disaster happens. All I can see is what is available on the news, but it is never the same as being there. My heart goes out to the families who are currently suffering as a result of natural disasters around the world. Some of these families will have babies and young children, and are just having to cope with the situation they find themselves in.

I have become involved with '100 Stories for Queensland' and would like to point every writer who reads this in the direction of the website. If you have a story, or could write one in time, please do submit one for this project. The submission guidelines are here.

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  1. Hey Rebecca! I sent a story in for this... I hope they don't hate it (most stories I do submit are roundly hated!) but I don't care because this is a really, really good cause and I want to help in some small way.
    Kudos for you for being involved and spreading the word.