Monday, 3 January 2011

Tracy is One To Watch! - A review of Tracy's Hot Mail by T A Belshaw

I've started 2011 by continuing a habit of mine that developed in 2010. This is to read books written by people that I have got to know online. This seems to have become my number one essential criteria when chosing a new book, and it's one that has served me well so far.

It was quite late in 2011 when I got to know Trevor Belshaw, quite by chance and it was a kind of Twitter/Facebook in parallel thing as we seem to talk equally on both at the start. By the time he announced that his book had been published as an e-book but was due to come out in paperback in 2011, I was very keen to read it. Initially I was going to wait for the paperback but actually I couldn't wait so I bought the e-book the day after it was released.

Tracy is a character who has developed via a website initially. The idea of reading a book based on emails brought back fond memories of both Holly's Inbox and Email: A Love Story , both of which I read and enjoyed greatly. Tracy's Hot Mail did not disappoint.

Tracy reminds me slightly of Bridget Jones as she is a likeable character but quite honestly, a bit slow-on-the-uptake at times. She also brings back memories of a lady I once worked with. It's a fascinating blend, and I read the book in two sittings which is a real challenge for me during the school holidays.

If you're after a funny, easy-to-read book, please do give Tracy's Hot Mail a read.


  1. Rebecca, all I can say is WOW! and thanks so much for the wonderful review. Bought a rather large lump to my throat. :)

  2. About half of the books I read last year were by people I met through Twitter, and I agree with you - it's a great source of new reads to do it that way!

    Good to know you enjoyed Tracy's Hot Mail. I've downloaded a sample to give me a taste of what's to come in February, when the paperback's out.