Saturday, 12 February 2011

Stories, Stories, Everywhere


This is another summary post, mainly because my head is spinning and I'm finding it hard to remember everything that is going on at the moment so it's for my benefit as much as anyone elses. Here's my latest writing news in brief:

As I mentioned yesterday, Nothing But Flowers is going to be released on Valentine's Day, so please see my blog post about it for information all about that.

I am pleased to have had a poem and story published in The Pages Magazine, Issue 10, which was finalised yesterday. You can read this online magazine for free here. You can also vist The Pages website and join up (for free) if you fancy submitting something for a future issue.

With Nothing But Flowers being released on Monday, and 100 Stories for Queensland on 8th March, it's a very exciting time for me at the moment. I am also going to have a story published in a small anthology as a result of entering a competition on The Pages website, so I will share news about that when I have more details.

Thanks to anyone who has managed to work their way down this list! I do appreciate it. xx


  1. Well done on all your successes, Rebecca. I believe my story will also be in Marit's Chapbook!

  2. You are a busy girl. And so productive. Congratulations on all your wonderful achievements!

  3. That's a lot of spreading. Congratulations, Rebecca.

  4. As a mum of three (now grown) sons and a step-son and daughter who lived with us from their early teens, I know how difficult it is to write and bring up a family (and I had to work as well!) You've done amazingly well. Congratulations!

  5. Rebecca,

    No end of great news there! Well done on everything.