Friday, 25 March 2011

Friday Flash: Colours

Black. The pit I teeter at the edge of. Emptiness. Dark expanse of despair with no way out, drawing me in.

Red. Red for danger, red for anger. Anger that seethes through my veins like molten lava. All consuming, passionate and deadly.

Taste. A bitter taste: salty, bilious, rancid; no amount of scrubbing can reduce it.  

Hole. Where once there was something, now there is nothing. Bitter, thoughts. Negative. Slight decomposition around the edges.

Open. A door. I can exit if I want to?

Blue. Under the blue, the senses improve. Surprise, as I feel a smile.

Orange. Burning, bright sun. Caressing my skin until I feel alive again.

I walk onwards. I will find my path.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I would like to thank Rosalind Adam for giving me a 'Stylish Blogger Award' over on her delightful blog 'Rosalind Adam is writing in the rain'.

I am sorry to say due to time limitations I am unable to pass this on or do what I'm meant to do in this post, but I did want to publically thank Rosalind. Please do take a look at her lovely blog; her children's books, which you will find on there, are well worth a look at.

I received my copy of 'Bathtime Rap' today and it's wonderful!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Friday Flash: The Balloon

I recently joined the forum My Writers Circle which is full of useful information and friendly, helpful people. When I mentioned that I liked flash fiction, I was pointed in the direction of a contest, so I entered it. The task was to write a flash containing exactly 200 words, using one or more of the words circus, clouds or zombie.

The option was to start the story 'Never before...'

So below is my entry, which was voted 2nd place in an anonymous poll:

The Balloon

Never before had the village green looked so exciting. A Big Top was being erected as I walked past and my stomach flipped with excitement at the sight of it.

“Can we go to the circus?” was the first thing I asked when I got home.
“Look what I bought today,” Mum said, smiling as she showed me two tickets. “Tomorrow at two.”


“Want a balloon?” a woman asked. She wore gloves, despite the warm weather.
“Go on, pick one,” Mum said.
I picked a red balloon with an image of a clown. The woman handed it to me with a toothless smile.

The smell of sawdust filled the air as the trapeze artists flew above our heads. Later, they called everyone with a clown balloon into the ring, and I was allowed to help the clowns with their magic.

At the end of the show, the ringmaster asked everyone with a zombie balloon to stay behind for a special treat.  As the balloon seller slammed the doors behind us, she suddenly yanked the balloon out of my hand. As I tearfully watched it float skywards towards the fluffy white clouds, she hissed at me: “Lucky escape, sonny, lucky escape.”

New Beginnings - Coming Soon To a Bookshelf Near You!

I am delighted to announce that my debut novel New Beginnings is going to be published by Grimoire Books, a children's imprint of Punked Books.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

New Beginnings

The title of this post has a double meaning. Firstly, it's the name of my first novel, which I may have mentioned previously. But also:

It is with a great deal of pleasure and excitement that I can tell you that I am in discussions with a publisher who enjoyed the beginning of my novel, requested the full manuscript, and is interested in publishing it. Hopefully I will have an update for you all before too long.