Friday, 25 March 2011

Friday Flash: Colours

Black. The pit I teeter at the edge of. Emptiness. Dark expanse of despair with no way out, drawing me in.

Red. Red for danger, red for anger. Anger that seethes through my veins like molten lava. All consuming, passionate and deadly.

Taste. A bitter taste: salty, bilious, rancid; no amount of scrubbing can reduce it.  

Hole. Where once there was something, now there is nothing. Bitter, thoughts. Negative. Slight decomposition around the edges.

Open. A door. I can exit if I want to?

Blue. Under the blue, the senses improve. Surprise, as I feel a smile.

Orange. Burning, bright sun. Caressing my skin until I feel alive again.

I walk onwards. I will find my path.


  1. I am absolutely fascinated by how our sensitivities to the world around us affect us even though we don't know it and love that you've explored that here. The writing style is kind of trippy (in a good way) and it's wonderful that you are playing with different kind of style. Very stream of consciousness, really like it, especially the 'slight decomposition around the edges', very evocative.

  2. I like how you take it from a dark pit to some hope at the end. Nicely done.

  3. A very intense journey from despair to determination, nicely done in such a few words.

  4. The sensory details make this one. Sparse and it works. Be carefully walking onward on the precipice of a drop.

  5. Wonderful job of showing how color effects us Rebecca, and I too am glad you gave us a happy ending.

  6. Very cathartic and cleansing. Lovely ending.

  7. So much emotion. I'm glad your writing emerged from that despair. It's interesting that it was the door that led you there.