Wednesday, 27 April 2011

It's Only A Number: Shortlist

The judging for the first round of my competition was done by a panel of readers. These stories got the most votes out of the 39 entries and will go forward to the second round:

Clock Watching by Aaron Conaway
It's Just a Number by Anthony Anderson
An Alluring Fashion Parade by Catt Turner
Babysitter by Cee Martinez
The Boxes by David Vernon
Living the Dream by Linda Jones
Infinite by Lisa Bodenham-Mason
It's Only a Number by Lisamarie Lamb
The Returnee by Paula Kennelly
Forty by Pete Domican
The Right Decision by Rin Simpson
Mama's Boy by Rohi Shetty
The Number Six by Simon Kewin
Chicken by Siobhan McKinney

Congratulations to the shortlisted authors, and I am very sorry to everyone else who entered. The variety of themes among the entries was incredible and the judges had a tough time coming back to me with their votes, so thank you for sending your stories in for this.

With many thanks to my first round judges, Donna, Geraldine, Matt, Curly and Andy.


  1. I scrolled it so fast I missed my name the first time and then I re-scrolled and squeed so loud the dog barked at me. How exciting! :D

  2. That's quite a squee, Cee :)
    Thanks for doing this Rebecca. Congratulations everyone on the shortlist and good luck for the next bit! x

  3. Wow! I'm very surprised to see my name there! This was the first time I've ever entered a competition to for me it's a great achievement. Thank you so much. Paula

  4. Wow.
    Thanks, Rebecca, and many thanks to Donna, Geraldine, Matt, Curly and Andy.
    Congrats to everyone on the shortlist and indeed to all who entered.
    Life is good.

  5. Ooh, I'm on the shortlist! Very exciting!

  6. I'm so excited to have made the cut! Thanks Rebecca, for the prompt that got me writing in what was a bit of a dry spell.