Sunday, 1 May 2011

It's Only A Number: 4th Place

The top four stories were placed highly by four of my seven judges, and it was very close between them.

Congratulations to Lisamarie Lamb, who came in at 4th place with this wonderful story:

It’s Only A Number

It's only a number, I thought as I put down the receiver, biting my lip. A two instead of a three and my entire life had just changed. I'd been dialling a number so well known that I hadn't been looking at what I was doing, and then I heard an unknown man’s voice. 

I glanced down at the display and there it was, the wrong number. 

"Right," the man said before I could speak, business-like. "I've got what you wanted. A million, used notes. Difficult, but I did it. I'll put it where we discussed. You just need to collect it and leave my daughter."

What the hell had I just stumbled on? It had to be someone playing about. I stayed quiet, waiting for the next bit. It came soon enough. "Oh, I see. I get it. Just make sure you're there, at the station, locker 490. No one else is involved, like I promised, like you asked. I'll be there at 10pm." 

And that was it. I had a choice. Collect the money and let the child presumably die. Or tell the police and potentially save a life. It was a tough call.

About the Author
Lisamarie Lamb lives in Kent with her husband and baby daughter. Lisamarie self-published her first novel Mother's Helper recently, and is now working on a collection of short horror stories to publish later in 2011.

Lisamarie blogs at The Moonlit Door and tweets as @lisamarie20010


  1. Good job. I wrung my hands right after reading it. It's like one of those "what if" stories you discuss with your friends when you're hanging out at night. :)

  2. Congratulions! ooh what happened next?