Sunday, 1 May 2011

It's Only A Number: Judgement Day!

Today's the day I will be announcing the winners of my competition.

It has been so exciting seeing my judges' choices as they have come back.

Obviously I have read all of the stories through myself. I am delighted with the judges' decisions and I have to say the voting has been very tight. So much so that the final sets of votes from my 7th judge will swing it.

There is also an obvious difference when a story competition is judged by readers and not writers. I have found this an enormous pleasure as ultimately writers are writing for readers and it's very interesting to see their favourite stories of the submissions. I have had several comments back from my judges saying they have spotted something perhaps gramatically incorrect in a story, but still saying it's their favourite.

This is exactly why I chose to have a panel of readers judging my competition.

See you back here later when I prolongue the agony excitement by announcing the winners and runners up in a series of blog posts.

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