Friday, 24 June 2011

Friday Flash: Another Me

Another Me

I see you all sitting together in your groups, huddled over frothy cappuccinos. You speak through the steam, inhaling the scent of coffee, chatting and laughing.

You must think I am strange, standing out on my own, looking into the middle distance. If only you knew how much I wish I could be inside with you.

Another version of me would have made straight for the group, introduced myself and joined the conversation. But that was over twenty years ago. I’m different now.

They had no idea when they ridiculed me, no idea at all. It was “playground fun” they said. Well, it didn’t feel like fun to me. 

They apologised in the end. But it’s easier to forgive than to forget.

They changed me. So when you see me standing alone, it’s not because I don’t want to speak to you. It’s because I can’t.

I could if you weren’t in a group. Or if I was still that other me.

I think you’d have liked me back then.

Enjoy your coffee.


  1. I'd almost forgotten why I casually tell people 'I don't do well in groups'. Almost.
    A powerful piece in such few words, well done Rebecca.

  2. Wow what a powerful piece, highlighting how others behave towards us can change how we behave. Groups can be a challenge, I know, sometimes it is so much easier to stand on the outside and look in.
    Yet that degree of separation changes us forever.

    Wonderful writing!

  3. Wonderful laser precision into the roots of a person's present disposition. So smooth & economically done

    marc nash

  4. How easy it is to become an outsider. Love stories where you have to imagine the details.

  5. "easier to forgive than to forget" - this is the crux of it, I think. You can forgive but the damage is done.

  6. Succint and even more effective because of it. Everything that needs to be said.

  7. Loved this and can sadly relate. I am not great in groups. I try but always end up feeling the outsider.

    You expressed the longing so well.

  8. This is so sad and lonely. You've captured that outside feeling really well. It reminds me of the song, "Left of center."

  9. The economy of words makes the impact even more forceful. As a teacher I see the impact it can have on people. Brilliant execution.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  10. This is a fabulous post, Rebecca. In fact, it was like reading about myself, seriously.

    CJ xx

  11. Ow ... you must have read my mind. That's so me. Well done.

  12. Very stiring and deep. I think this speaks volumes to many high schoolers, hell even middle schoolers, who feel they are different on all planes.
    Also, people at Starbucks are just creepy to me. No idea why... just something strange.

  13. After reading all of the comments, Rebecca, it seems to be that writers are loners for one reason or another. I, too, enjoy more one on one conversation rather than group mingling. Maybe, because I get to pick the "one" that I prefer to spend time with.
    Bullying is so sad and it really does change who we are.
    Your writing is so precise and I love that you can say so much in so few words. In that, I wish I was more like you:-)

  14. Powerful. For a moment I thought it would be a revenge piece. You never know a person's story, another reason never to assume.

  15. It seems common that writers aren't very social people. And not being one to break the mold I can relate too.

    But I have been improving lately. Interacting with people is crucial to making your writing believable.

    Nicely done btw :)

  16. Sad and powerful. Nicely done!

  17. I've just been reading back through my blog to find something and discovered all the lovely comments on this post. I'm sorry I didn't thank you all before. So, thank you!!