Friday, 29 July 2011

One Author, Two Interviews: Stephanie Parker

I read The Green King by Stephanie Parker last year, and since then I had an idea. For the first time ever, I have decided to interview an author for both of my blogs, so here on Ramblings of A Rusty Writer we have an interview for adults, and over on my other blog, Rebecca Emin: Writing for Children and Teens, we have another interview and book giveaway of The Green King.  Enjoy!

Hello Stephanie, and welcome to my blog, Ramblings of a Rusty Writer!

How did you come up with the idea for The Green King?
I didn’t really, it found me.  I wanted to write a magical children’s book about moving house, originally; plus I wanted to bring into it some of my own childhood, in the Devon countryside, full of secrets and magic.  The story wrote itself, really.

I read on your blog that you wrote your book a long time ago. What made you decide to dust it down again and publish it? Did you have to do a lot of work on it at that point?
I was approached by an agent who asked if I’d written anything; so I sent her the book and she placed it immediately.  I did quite a bit of re-writing at that point but it was more like polishing than re-constructing...

Your blog makes it very obvious that you are a busy person. How do you find the time to write with everything else that you do?
I don’t really – my blog is suffering and I feel really stopped up with words, I keep having new book ideas and no time to write them, it’s debilitating.

What are your future writing plans?
More books, more books more books; more time?

Which authors have influenced you?
So many; this is actually quite a tough question...

What made you decide to write for children?
Shallowly, I thought it would be easier than writing for grownups; which is of course entirely untrue.

Have you received much feedback about your book from children who have read it?
Yes, I’ve had a pile of letters and some lovely quotes – they’ve responded really well.  I teach a story workshop in schools sometimes and have read the book to classes; there’s nothing like having kids tell you to stop because they’ve not read that far and don’t want you to spoil the story, to make you feel like you’ve written something that really resonates.

Thanks Stephanie!

If you enjoyed this interview and would like to read more, please click here to read the interview on my other blog and/or enter the book giveaway.

You can also buy the book at the following places:
Directly from the publisher, Grimoire Books.
The Book Depository
Or you can ask any bookshop to order a copy in for you.

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  1. Thanks Rebecca, I really enjoyed doing the interviews once I finally got around to it!

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