Thursday, 25 August 2011

Book Review: English Slacker by Chris Morton

I first discovered Chris Morton on the Authortrek website. When I had read a couple of short stories by him, I remember thinking, 'Please let this writer have a book'. And sure enough, he has.

A brief synopsis of the book:
Chambers is an eighteen-year-old student living in the small town of Bracksea, England. Fresh from his final college exams, he is now ready for what is to be his last summer of freedom, which involves going to parties, smoking dope and getting drunk with all his friends. However, what begins as a seemingly innocent and routine set of social events soon turns into a nightmare for Chambers as a suppressed memory – which may or may not be related to the recent disappearance of his best friend Colin – begins to surface. The more Chambers immerses himself in the distractions around him the more he begins to find that he is losing his whole sense of reality…

The book is like no other book I have read. The protagonist is obviously eighteen so the point of view is very different to a lot I have read recently, and his character is also very different to mine; he swears a lot, does a lot of drugs, and quite frankly seems to be having a bit of a miserable life. However, despite all of this, I could not put this book down. I found myself caring about Chambers, wanting him to turn out ok, and constantly keen to know what happens next. Definitely the sign of a good book.

It seems I am not alone in enjoying this book, as English Slacker has been shortlisted for the Not The Booker Prize 2011. Because of this, you lucky, lucky things, you can currently get a free pdf download of the book via the Punked Books website.

And now a plea. Please do download English Slacker, but please also read it asap. The voting for the Not The Booker Prize will re-open shortly and I would like to enlist a bit of help with this. There are a number of reasons, pick any one of them to suit you  ;o)

1. Chris Morton is a brilliant writer.
2. English Slacker is a unique book and deserves to win. It's a fine example of how a high quality piece of writing does not have to sit with an enormous publisher to be wonderful.
3. (This is where I get a bit shameless) Punked Books also publish my book New Beginnings, as well as books by two friends of mine. Any help Punked Books get in the way of publicity, is going to help all of us. Team Punked!
4. Please?

Please 'Like' the Punked Books Facebook page to be kept up to date when the voting starts.

I hope you enjoy English Slacker.
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  1. Sounds interesting! Thanks for the heads-up, Rebecca.

  2. I'll read the book next. Punked books have a book about my favourite football team I see, another reason for me to support them :)

  3. Good luck to Chris!

  4. That book sounds interesting. Hello from a fellow campaigner!

  5. Thanks Talli, Sarah, Alison and Shannon.

    Anonymous: each to their own, eh?