Friday, 12 August 2011

Friday Flash: Three

There have been years when I’ve longed for March to pass. All the talk of new life and fresh starts would make my stomach turn. It’s hard to feel joy when the time of year only reminds me of unexplained, sudden loss.

Six years ago, in an instant, my dreams of a future as part of a family of four disappeared like blossom on the breeze. After the beauty of that dream turned to dust, he walked away. I never saw him again.

I refused to let my dream fade to nothingness. I’d always set thirty-two as my cut-off point.

I stand, feeling the tentative rays of a practising sun caressing my skin. For once I don’t imagine the spring flowers are turning away from me in shame or fear.

The procedure had worked first time. I’d worried the first few months away. But now, as I pocket my keys and the taxi driver helps me with my bag, I feel a thud on either side of my abdomen. I heave myself into the taxi, smiling. I can’t wait to meet them.


  1. So did she change her looks to have another go at the guy?

  2. No, she's on her own. Well, until she gets to the hospital and meets the twins...

  3. Nice! Quick twist and yeah, this was great.

  4. I smiled for the end too. Here comes life!

  5. Thank you all for the lovely comments x

  6. A lovely story Rebecca, it has a nice feelgood factor as her life makes the change from sad to hopeful.