Friday, 5 August 2011

Interviews, Radio, Bookshops, Auctions and More

What a busy week! I am actually astonished at the amount I have achieved this week, despite it being the school holidays.

I have been asked to be a part of BBC Radio Oxford's Book Club feature on 17th August at approximately 1.30pm. So tune in if you can, to hear me umming and erring my way through the slot. I'd love to know what you think after the event!

Since hearing about this, I have called the majority of Oxfordshire's bookshops asking if they are interested in stocking my book. So far the responses have been very positive and I have only stopped my calls as I have now run out of copies (all 106!) and had to order some more from my publisher. Every single one of the independent bookshops I have called has said they will stock my book. Waterstones and Blackwell are still pending a decision, so we shall see.

My second novel, When Dreams Come True is out with my beta readers. I am awaiting feedback before I can do any final tweaks to that.

So this morning I was left wondering what to do. I have set up some auctions on Ebay as a result. Thought I may as well do something useful! You can find them all here. You may be able to grab yourself a bargain, or even get your hands on one of the mugs I have had made up to help market New Beginnings.

Have a lovely weekend! And don't forget the book giveaways running in the following sites:
A copy of New Beginnings over on Emma Kerry's blog.
A copy of New Beginnings on Goodreads.
A copy of The Green King by Stephanie Parker over on my other blog.
All of these giveaways finish next week. Good luck if you enter!


  1. Fabulous news, Rebecca! I hope all the books sell like hotcakes from all those bookshops!!