Sunday, 14 August 2011

Review of my First Book Signing Event

Yesterday I did one of those things I am sure everyone does from time to time: I Googled my own name and the title of my book. In doing so, I noticed this gorgeous write-up of the book signing event I was lucky enough to hold in one of my favourite writing spots, the Village Shop & Cafe in Little Milton.

This piece was in the Little Milton village newsletter but I have also taken a screen shot, so click on the image to see the full size version.

I really do love this place for writing, there is a cafe down one end of the shop and along one side of it there are floor to ceiling windows. I can only write if I have a view outside, so this place is absolutely perfect and it's where I did a lot of writing and editing for New Beginnings and it has also inspired several of my #fridayflash stories, including Autumn Days.

You can even add them on Facebook and find out in advace about any future events. I will definitely be having another book signing here when my second book is published!

Me, at the book signing


  1. How lovely to be signing books in the shop where you do your writing. Yes sounds a bit like JkR in the making.
    I wish we had a village shop with locally produced foods! We have Sainsburys ! Enough said!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful place for a signing. And with cake, too :)

  3. Thanks Cassam and Sarah. It really is a lovely place.