Monday, 19 September 2011

Snow and Awards

Hi Everyone

No, it hasn't actually snowed outside, but I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed at the moment as I am behind on absolutely everything - domestic admin, online everything, even the dreaded laundry. I am officially snowed under, so please bear with me while I catch up.  Following the school summer holidays I have had family members at home ill for all but one day and now I have my husband at home for two weeks as he is between contracts. It's always my online time that gets shoved to the bottom of the list in these circumstances, unfortunately.

I will eventually visit back everyone who comments on any of my blog posts (I have a special folder they all go in to, which they stay in until I visit back), and respond to direct messages, emails and Twitter/FB messages as soon as I can.

Following on from the snow theme, I have experienced a recent avalanche (but in a good way) of blog awards which I am incredibly grateful for. I am going to bow out of following all the rules, however and simply thank the following people for the awards. Please do pop by and visit them if you have a chance.

For nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award, I would like to thank:
Claire Robyns
Beth Kemp
Christy Farmer

For the Appreciated Follower Award, thanks to:
Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

I would like to thank the following people for awarding me the  Liebster Blog Award:
Shelley Koon
Beth Kemp (again!)

And if I have missed any award nominations (this is highly likely) I am really sorry, please do let me know and I will add your name to my list.

As always, thanks for reading  x X x


  1. I feel your pain :-) I took the weekend off from - well everything, pretty much - to watch a ton of episodes of an old TV series. I'm paying for it now :-)

  2. Congrats on the blog awards! I hear you on the snowed under bit. Arrrggghhhhhh!

  3. I understand begin snowed under! the Campaign has been on for a month, and I'm still not finished meeting everyone in my group yet. But hello, at last and congrats and your new awards and also on your newly published book! I am a mum for 4 young children and recently my teenage stepdaughter came to live with me - had to share that since I read your "about me". Where in the UK are you?

  4. It's all too easy to become snowed under. I always find that my online time has to give a little to get anything done at all! Circles much?

  5. Snowed under's the normal state around here (and for many others I think). Don't worry too much about replies; people understand, I think :)

  6. Congrats on all your awards :) Love your snowed-in photo, that sums up the feeling of being in over your head so, so well, lol.
    Hope family members get their health back and your hubby scoots off to work soon - a hubby at home is usually more work than a dozen sick kids!!