Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Feeling Like A Proper Writer, At Last

The other evening, I was holding a book in my hand. I read the acknowledgments, I read the copyright notice, then I flipped it over and looked at the back. And then at last, from nowhere, into my head came the thought, 'Oh my God I really did write this book'.

It's taken ages for that to happen. It's taken this long to feel real, and I'm starting to feel like a proper writer now. Shall I tell you why?

1. I have started see good book reviews appearing on Amazon and Goodreads from people I have never met and never will, and don't know at all online. Strangers. Liking my book. That is amazing.

2. I have started to get emails from readers asking what else they can read of mine.

3. I have begun to gather up a little collection of rejections. And the rejections honestly don't bother me, as I have accepted that this is an important part of the publishing process. (This is massive for me. I thought I would cry every time. But, nothing...)

4. I have decided to self-publish a collection of flash fiction and short stories. And I have the contacts and knowledge to make it happen.

5. NaNoWriMo isn't bothering me in the slightest. I write so much every day now anyway, I feel quietly confident that I'll finish the first draft of my third book this month.

6. I have been trying out new things. Submitting short stories for anthologies, magazines and learning more about different markets.

All in all I am really happy right now.

If you have read this, you are a part of this process so as I say at the end of many of my blog posts:
Thanks so much for reading.

Rebecca x X x


  1. Congratulations, Rebecca. What a wonderful level of accomplishment in your writing life!

  2. This is a lovely post. I love to read posts about people who are so excited and happy with what is happening to them :-)

  3. Congrats Rebecca! It is inspiring to read the good news posts :)